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(Both of these bottles are mine. I have not used them. I bought them last week because a) I was going to buy at least one bottle of this exact kind of Purex, anyway and b) when I saw the problem, I decided to buy both. I have the receipt. This is for real.)

Is it 50% or 51%? Let's ask Purex! Two identical bottles of Purex side by side; one says 50% more, one says 51% more. Which is it? Click to embiggen

Purex™ percentage problem:

Pictured are two bottles of Purex™ detergent, in the Natural Elements Linen & Lilies flavor, sitting side by side (yes, I drink the stuff. Please don't try this at home).

Both bottles weigh 75 ounces.

Both bottles say they wash 50 loads.

Both bottles claim to do a certain percentage more of laundry loads than the "previous" 50oz size.

The bottle on the left claims to do "51% more loads vs 50 FL OZ". The bottle on the right claims to do "50% more loads vs 50 FL OZ".

My question is: which is it?

For the mathematicians reading this, is either claim correct?

The amount of ounces increased from 50 to 75. If the ounces had doubled from 50 to 100 that would be a 100% increase in load capability. Increasing from 50 to 75 therefore should be a 50% increase, so where they got 51% from is beyond me, if my math is right (and the math doesn't seem like it should be much more complicated than what I'm doing, so...).

Even if it's a simple (but still, rather unlikely!) miscalculation on someone's part, the question I don't have an answer to is which load capability Purex™ is currently selling. I'm hoping these were side by side on the shelf because the 51% label was caught as inaccurate and reprinted, but the thing is, they changed every aspect of the label besides that (perhaps to distract from the previous label's one, big, glaring error?) leading me to wonder which is the more current one (but I'm rooting for 50%, as the fonts are larger and everything is easier to read).

And that concludes another chapter in my non-ongoing consumer series: Adventures at WalMart.