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Forgive me my nearly two-day delay; there's no cable at my house so I watch all my TV online, and CBS puts a one-day delay on past The Good Wife episodes. And I should not be in shock because tonight`my fiance, who I've hooked on the show as well, and walking Spoiler Alert that he is, warned me Will would die. He even went over some of the hows and whys, but I thought he was pulling one of those things where he'll say anything to get me to sit down and look at it with him, so in one ear it went and right out the other.

He even tried to bet me money that Will was dead (he owes me $100 and a pack of Newports over the last three bets he lost, so I said "Psssht" when he said "bet" and warned him he'd have to pay up again). Then it turned out to be true.

Will was my favorite character besides Alicia, who is not always my favorite character (I also came close to making Kalinda my favorite character; she's the wiliest and most intuitive and her cynicism and flashy temper meshes rather neatly with my own) so I don't think I could forgive the Kings for killing him off under normal circumstances but this wasn't their choice to make; Josh Charles has been chomping at the bit to leave and was finally able to last year, so if I were the Kings, I might want to at least metaphorically kill off the wanderlust-stricken Big Star myself.

They yammer on about how his death is an important step in Alicia's character-building exercises like she has the only character worth developing - which is a slight to this show's excellent ensemble cast - then they claim sudden, tragic death has become an everyday event, when in fact that's a completely bizarre thing to say unless your entire target audience happens to live in a war zone. The truth is they probably decided if Josh wanted to leave so damn bad, they were going to make sure he could not return. Nothing says 'Don't bother waltzing back in here one day like you own the place, even though you pretty much once did' like gunshots, blood, and a white sheet over your head.

What was hardest was having to look at him like that. If you've never watched someone die, then watching someone die on TV can't hurt you. TV can't teach you what it looks and feels like, nor what the person experiencing it must be going through, no matter how close you feel to the character in question. I can't watch stuff like that now without being afraid it's actually happening for a moment or two before I can reign in my emotions...then I wonder, for all the Kings' jarringly cheerful chatter about how tragedy ruins so many bright, sunny days, why they so strongly felt the need to remind us exactly how it does.

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I can't wait to see how [personal profile] winterfish weighs in on tonight's premier, since she usually discusses every aspect of the show that I don't dive into, but I thought tonight's episode was a nerve-wracking mess. Very self-conscious as in, 'Look, Sophia seems - shinier! - and Alicia now has - bangs! and yeah, Will seems more - emotionless!'

Besides that, I thought the Jewish stereotyping of Eli (I know, I know...I was supposed to see the "tongue-in-cheek" "sophisticated" "in-joke" of it, and I did, because I'm white and descend from Jews, so I don't have a choice, but that doesn't mean I have to sit there and pretend to like it) was a rather cheap way to get laughs.

Combined with the "joke" told about Arabs and Jews ("An Arab and a Jew walk into a bar, and they kill each other" - if you don't get it, yeah, that was the whole joke) and Alicia's non-pivotal revelation that the judge in tonight's court case should recuse himself because he's biased in favor of Jews (with a name plate on his desk like "Kartman", which the camera panned to seconds before she asked for his recusal, how could she go wrong) I was about to run to the store during commercial breaks #3 or #4 for one of those soft bricks you throw at the TV just to do something productive with my negative energy.

If I were to move past all that, which I probably never will, the dark cool in-the-office interplay between Will and Alicia was sort of sickening. It strikes me that's she's become his sekreet hoochie mama and she's being treated like one, which I would find humiliating, not exciting. The end.

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I need to squee about The Good Wife last night: it was a-a-a-amazing. They covered more ground in one night than they've gotten to in the past few weeks and managed to humanize Kalinda despite her once sleeping with Peter. They also finally made Alicia seem more like the bitter pill she is. I expect her face to actually split down one side or anther soon from all the frustration she's evidencing in less-than-stellar fashion. I mean, I know the whole my-husband-slept-with-my-best-friend thing is a bit hard to handle but when you look at the facts:

  1. Peter was sleeping with hookers at the same time he slept with Kalinda and Alicia forgave him for that, so why not forgive him for Kalinda, too
  2. Peter slept with Kalinda just once, not 18 times
  3. Kalinda didn't work for or even know Alicia at the time
  4. Kalinda "just does that" - her way of saying Peter meant nothing to her, he was just one big fat zero in her book, and...
  5. owing to the timeline, Alicia might want to lump Kalinda in with Peter's hookers as "past transgressions already forgiven" and just move the fuck on.

Not do what she did: move Peter's stuff out into an already-rented apartment that she made a real estate agent wake in the middle of the night to rent minutes after Peter won his office back as State Attorney General. Nor split up their family (I'm a product of not just one but several divorces so I know what that must feel like), nor turn on Kalinda when she seems sincere in wanting Alicia to understand that Peter was nothing to her and that her feelings for Alicia were not based on guilt over sleeping with her husband before they knew each other, nor - well, I almost don't blame her for turning on Jackie, that woman has problems, but overall, I think Alicia is getting too angry about this. "How was my husband? Was he good?" was stone-cold even by Alicia's biting sub-Arctic standards.

The one thing I will say for Alicia being this angry at Kalinda (that hasn't been explored yet and might never be?): If I were Alicia, I too might have problems remaining friends with someone who has no morals. But to over-personalize it into an issue between her and Kalinda is going too far when anyone with eyes can see it's killing Kalinda to see how upset Alicia is. So if that was me, I might be like, "Well, you and I just don't share the same values" and let things cool off, but being on the constant attack against Kalinda feels unfair.