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Screw Ubuntu in particular for:

  1. Claiming to be like Windows when it isn't. I'm not, generally speaking, a raging idiot, yet as a more or less typical end user (that is, Linux clueless FTW), Ubuntu looks nothing like Windows to me at all. No taskbar? Check. No Start Menu? Check. All buttons on the left instead of the right? Check. Task Manager? Fuck if I know where that is (or even if that is). App installs? Utilities? File viewing that actually makes sense? Disk management? Checking CPU usage? Go sudo yourself. Whatever that is.
  2. For the fact that you can install Ubuntu from within Windows, but you cannot install Windows from within Ubuntu. What exactly is so "open" and "free" about an OS that won't let you replace it with any other OS except another Linux distro? (Oh yes, there are "ways" to do it, mostly involving sudo-ing this to get the MBR to do that so you don't nuke everything before sudo-creating an NTFS partition and using your Windows install disc; but try it when you don't have the Windows install disc and need to do it from a USB drive. Just try it.) And don't even talk to me about VirtualBox, it's not the same thing.
  3. For not using nor offering Windows fonts out of the box. My blog looks pretty fucking bad without them. And don't even talk to me about sudo apt-get anything including fonts. Why Ubuntu can't run with WINE already installed so Windows users can use the tools we're accustomed to using in Windows is beyond me. In related news, my WINE install just failed, and no, I won't try to figure out why. To use this "easy" Linux version, you apparently need to be the typical advanced Linux user, that is, you need to be born with a terminal taped to your brain and the requisite billion commands already memorized.
  4. For burning up my hard drive and not offering any tools that Windows users would actually know how to find and use in order to figure out why you can fry an egg on the bottom of my laptop right now.
  5. For a file system that denies access to root even though duh, you *are* the root. I hate my Android phone for the same reason. But I hate Ubuntu much more. At least I can actually root my phone. This thing? "Open terminal: type..." You know what? Screw that, too.
  6. For making me sorry I ever dissed MS years ago by supporting open source, and even happily used Linux and Ubuntu and bragged about it. Ubuntu in particular seems to have gone right down the toilet. Almost nothing about it is the same or as good, from what my dim recollection of the user experience then is telling me now.

If you're an open source user then do me a favor: don't offer me any advice. This laptop is under warranty - for another year - so it's going back for a fresh install of XP Pro. And yes, I lost all my valuable files and folders because Ubuntu either overwrote them or else is simply hiding them on me (because whoops I'm not root even though I am root), but every one of them is still on my other computer, which is thankfully not running Linux, so the hell with it.

And don't tell me how great Linux is and how I'm an idiot who should learn the command line already, and especially don't tell me how M$ is so freakin' eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil for not having freely redistributable file systems, which is the only thing you open source folks are up in arms over, and is also the only thing the average end user will never give a crap about no matter how hard you try and make them.

Really? The only OS on the market you can do literally anything with without extensive knowledge of it is evil? You need to think that one over. I'm sure any of you could use Windows the first time you saw it to do a thousand things with no working knowledge of it at all. Windows users trying to pull that off on Linux? Yeah, keep dreaming.