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Don't get me wrong: Net10 has screwed me around, too, most infamously when they lied about not being able to reactivate my phone a few months ago claiming the "system was down" and told me to call the next morning to get the same thing done that the rep could've done that night but wouldn't because I called just as their call center was closing and bitch, it's time for us to leave, see ya.

Interestingly enough, they pulled a similar thing on my fiance the same month and this was all during the same time period in which I was spending up to five hours a week on the phone with Comcast over billing and Internet issues so I was to the point where I simply hated all customer service call centers at all companies, whether that was fair or not.

But when I called Net10 yesterday because my phone's touchscreen is broken (the LG Optimus and/or Optimus Q can't seem to take light, heat, air or any sort of normal use without the touchscreen giving out so I go through 3-4 of them each year - thankfully the Q has a slide-out keyboard which allows me to retain most of the phone's functionality) and mentioned that it's still under warranty, the rep told me that Net10 would be "delighted" to replace it for me, free of charge.

I know damn well that whether Net10 - a corporation now legally masquerading as a person according to a recent Supreme Court decision - is delighted to help me or not shall not negate, circumvent nor otherwise nullify our contractual agreement, which includes replacing my phone free of charge for up to one year after purchase or exchange, but the idea that they are, in fact, "delighted" to help did boost my spirits.

I realized that for once - yes, for once - I would not have to argue with the person at the initial point of contact, nor be transferred to a second point of contact, nor have to get into a kerfuffle with a tech support person who thinks she knows more about my modem than I do, nor tangle with a Billing "Specialist" who has exactly zero idea of what I should and should not be billed for, all al la Comcast - no, there would be none of that. This Net10 rep was the first and last person I would have to speak with to secure my phone's replacement, and on top of that she wanted to let me know exactly how "delighted" Net10 would be to help.

Her demeanor throughout the process of gathering information, serial numbers and my shipping address was so light, breezy and overtly joyous I felt like I'd popped a Prozac by the time we hung up. She was delightful. And the whole "process"? Was a breeze.

And I think to myself: that's how 'good customer service' should be.