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This article shows a picture of the GUI on Microsoft's first operating system, MS-DOS - *ahem*...that's MS-DOS Executive if you're fancy. If you look in the lower left hand corner, you'll see what looks like a game of checkers going on with ugly red and blue chips against an even uglier astroturf green background. This - this - is the only game I've ever played on Windows. It's called Reversi (which is basically the board game Othello; strangely enough, I've never played it) and it rocks your brain - but unlike its parent OS, it never got to be 30 years old. I had no idea it was with Windows from its harumpy Executive start.

Not that I'll do the research right now, but one day it would be nice to find out what other games (if any - Solitaire, perhaps?) came with MS-DOS and when Reversi became online-capable (I can't imagine it was that way from the start). I still play it, but beginning with Windows Vista it disappeared, forcing me to re-install XP to play it again, Sam, which I've done many, many times, because there is no better way to kill time while CCleaner wipes data, frees disk space and, more recently, overwrites my pesky cluster tips - wait, I don't even know what that is, I just do it, anyway, so there's something else I should look up - than go kill myself playing Reversi.

One of the few good things about Windows 10? My beloved game is back - without having to reinstall XP - in the form of Online Reversi, which is free (with in-app upgrades; I can't imagine what those are, though, seriously?) in the Windows Store. It's not made by Microsoft (which is a shame, as I still vastly prefer the XP version to all others - even MSN's online game sucks) but it does have neat capabilities that MS's did not, like playing against the AI (XP's version would fail with the message: "Cannot connect to game server/Try again?/Quit?" if your machine went offline) which I can do until my brains are practically popping out from over-exertion - which, being me, is exactly what makes it so much fun.

Trivia question: can anyone recall Reversi's messenger? It had one. Back when I started playing (2004ish) it was considered state of the art, a top of the line medium because it allowed you to communicate with other players while eliminating all forms of harassment by using pre-written text messages in a long dropdown list beneath the game board that you could scroll through and select from. Some of the messages were sort of competitive, like "Ha! I got the corner!" But there was no corresponding "answer" like "Yep asshole, you sure did". The wildest response you could make was, "Good one!" or if you were feeling pretty frisky, something about how you'd get them back in the next round.

Bonus points if you can recall the dialog box at the end of every game: "Play again? Quit?" If your opponent won they'd almost always want to Play Again - unless they wiped your ass off the board, in which case they usually found you unworthy and Quit (we also had the option of quitting midgame regardless of who was winning, which came in handy if something came up). If you lost it was considered bad form to initiate an offer to Play Again unless the score was very, very close or an actual tie or you only lost in the last few seconds after a good, long winning streak; otherwise the winner was expected to invite you back by accepting the Play Again message before you did. If you asked to Play Again but got rejected, it felt like losing twice, so you learned to avoid it.

And bonus bonus points if you can recall either of the following: how long Reversi took to connect to other servers on dial-up (simply forever) and how much longer it took to connect to China, which for some reason it did, usually starting around 3am when apparently all the US players except me had crashed. An extra bonus bonus bonus if you can recall exactly how many servers Reversi connected to, because I can't. The US and China for sure, along with possibly Russia, but for some reason, Poland and perhaps a few other Slavic countries are also jumping around in my mind as possibilities.