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2017-04-24 11:13 pm
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I accidentally part of my LJ friend's list

In looking through support requests tonight I ran across [personal profile] steve98052, which turns out to be pretty neat, because after five minutes of staring at his username I finally recalled we used to hang out on LJ. Thanks to the nature of his support request, I initially thought he was importing his LJ (but he hasn't, and to judge by things, probably won't be anytime soon) but I clicked through to make sure, only to see an empty DW.

Then I looked him up on LJ, where in fact he's still updating.

Then I checked his friends list, because it's been bugging me for weeks that I had a friend on LJ who's username I can't recall (well, half of it: I can recall half of it, but that hasn't helped) who doesn't seem to be here or there now, but once I saw Steve's name, it occurred to me I think I shared (might have even met this friend) through him. Her and wuchan (also gone) were my closest friends on LJ, and sometimes (OK, I've spent six years in this condition) I miss not having them here.

But this all went nowhere fast. Turns out, checking Steve's friend list, that I probably met him through [profile] bob_deloyd, but other than that, this was sort of just a half hour of me chasing my tail. Oh, well.

Steve's support request is interesting, though, and I'm sorry it didn't/probably won't get much attention, because his request (to find a link rewriter in the importer to point internal LJ links to corresponding internal DW links, or to write the code to do so himself, then give the code to DW!) is much needed and HE'S OFFERING TO WRITE THE FEATURE HIMSELF so why aren't we welcoming volunteer baby devs like this with open arms? It seems not having this feature might be stopping him from moving here, which is really not cool.

(Not to mention I could have SO used this feature before my own import occurred in 2010 - I had to rewrite dozens, if not hundreds, of links over the years, post by post, totally and completely by hand, with all the attendant time waste and errors that involves. It sucked.)

Not that he needs the defense, but he's a Silicon Valley (and/or) Redmond WA guy, and is pretty cool all around....which makes me think Dreamwidth can be totally at odds with what I would expect them to want to do, sometimes.

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2017-04-12 01:13 am
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Wait, how can a TOS not be valid in English? What does that even mean (updated 4-13-17)

That'd be like some site translating their TOS into French and saying, "OK, but if you read and accept the terms in the new French version then PSYCH HAPPY APRIL FOOL'S DAY FRENCH VERSION ISN'T REAL JK YOU SMELL GO AWAY".

Maybe some War of The International Lawyers took place. Russian lawyers: "Our site is for Russians. It's in Russia. It's in Russian. Only Russian TOS is valid!" US lawyers: "A tremendous amount of your userbase resides in the US and other English speaking countries, so the TOS must be available in English." Russian lawyers, pouncing upon the word "available": "Fine, TOS will be in English! But only valid in Russian!" US lawyers: *cursing, stomping out*

Imagine DW tries this - we start to offer two TOSes: one in English, one in Russian (we have a growing Russian userbase, so while it's not inconceivable, it's still pretty unlikely - but don't you never say never). But PSYCH HAPPY APRIL FOOL'S DAY RUSSIAN VERSION ISN'T REAL JK YOU SMELL GO AWAY

The thing is, I don't think that's even possible under US/English common law. The TOS could be in 99,473 languages, three of them Martian, and it would still be binding, as long as it was the same TOS. If it was a different TOS (what I suspect happened over at LJ with the English version - that it's different from the Russian) ETA2, 4-13-17: it's the same TOS; see darkoshi's response and the link they add for further reading, then in the US what would happen next is we'd have one big lawsuit to determine which TOS, if any, might turn out to be the valid and legal one.

At least, I think that's how it would work. But I'm not sure they covered this in high school Business Law, which I took approximately five bajillionty years ago, so don't quote me!

ETA, same night: Having an "Oh, I get it" moment, I think: maybe they mean it's only valid as it applies to Russian law, so the parts of it that wouldn't be legal ("valid") under Russian law anyway will simply remain "invalid", so if the English TOS allows anything legal in the US that's illegal to do in Russia (such as posting pro-LBGTQIA content) then it's still illegal to do on LJ - from any country - no matter which TOS you're looking at. But rather than say, "Our law beats US and all other law because we said so" they say, "Only our Russian TOS is valid".

OK, so let's reverse this (I'm about to offer a completely nonsensical example): say talking about BitCoin is illegal in the US but not illegal in Russia. Bizarre, but let's just say, and DW has - in this non-existent, completely fictitious example that contains some completely non-existent things - two TOSes, one written in English, one in Russian. DW's servers sit in the US, and the userbase mostly speaks English, so our TOS says, "Talking about BitCoin is illegal, so don't do it" but the Russian TOS says, "Talk about BitCoin until you go blue in the face!"

Obviously, the Russian TOS rule about BitCoin is illegal in the US under the nonsensical law I just passed without an act of Congress, so it can't (or probably shouldn't be, if DW's owners wish to avoid trouble) be done by any DW user - from any country. So in any situation where our TOS, as written in Russian, allows illegal activity as defined by the US, nothing changes - that thing will still be illegal to do.

Which - if that's the case - sort of makes sense, but if so then holy shit, why didn't LJ just say so.

ETA2: though I've crossed out the now-irrelevant parts, this isn't a settled question for me. What about BitCoin being illegal to discuss here but not there? I do wonder which TOS and which laws would take precedence in that case, or if both TOSes would be struck down as "invalid" simply for not saying the same thing to all users. Which country would have the authority to strike either TOS down? *jumps down rabbit hole*

In US, you read TOS. In Russia, TOS reads you (bad, bad fucking joke - I wish there were better ones for this)

ETA2, 4-13-17: based on darkoshi's response and the link they add for further reading my first ETA appears to come to the right conclusion - with the big difference being that the TOS does say the same thing in either language but how it's interpreted could depend upon how it translates from one language to the other, so SUP apparently decided the Russian version should take precedence, probably because SUP's servers are now sitting over in Russia.

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2017-04-05 01:58 am
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PSA/*signalboost*: LiveJournal's TOS rewritten; valid TOS only available in Russian

I could make a bad "In Russia, TOS reads you" joke but OK, the heck with it. Just a heads-up.

ETA, minutes later: just had to change the headline from "new TOS only available in Russian" to "valid TOS only available in Russian" because actually, that's what the new TOS says. ETA2: added screncap.

Screencap of LiveJournal TOS not valid in English warning on English TOS page, 4-5-17

So they have a new TOS written in English with no known Russian translation, which is not, according to them, "legally binding". The "valid" (old) version is now suddenly only available in Russian.

I'm not sure which law they're claiming makes what TOS valid or why but Russian "law" sure seems rather "interesting".

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2017-01-02 12:38 am
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LJ moved its servers from California to Russia; all the what-what

Your hostess is not feeling too hot (it's been a rather rough winter) so my usual wordiness has gone wanly MIA, with apologies if you actually read me for my wordiness.

I've been kind of outed by one of my friends (*cough [personal profile] darkoshi*) for discussing this under access lock, so since I'm rather alarmed by one aspect of it I was going to make a public-facing post to discuss it more thoroughly, anyhow. I just didn't know when, but as I like to own what I've been quoted as saying, I guess that'll be right about now.

What Anyone Knows

There are zero confirmed reports that anything's changed for LiveJournal. There are many unconfirmed reports, IP tests and pings done to find on a per-user basis that LiveJournal moved its servers (which store content such as user's journal entries, comments written and received, pictures, Scrapbooks, usericons, mood icons, profile information, friends lists and payment information) from San Francisco, California over to servers located within Russia.

Here's a MetaFilter written by our own [personal profile] brainwane, with enlightening comments made by many people: - written Dec. 30, 2016

I don't want to create public editorial on what it means because I left LiveJournal six years ago over clickjacking done by SUP, the Russian company that runs LiveJournal to this day, and I didn't do so with the expectation I'd ever look back and feel I have to make public comments on any fresh fiascos from here. I really do wash my hands of the place.

Other people have made excellent editorial on it, though. Some links: - written Dec. 30, 2016 - written Dec. 29, 2016

What Concerns Me, Part I

The least important thing is many people seem to think if they hit "delete" then poof! LiveJournal can never touch, change, disseminate, share, prosecute them for, or republish any of their stuff again. But LJ still has their stuff; hitting "delete" doesn't change that.

You know how Windows has a thing where you can go into the Recycle Bin when you hit "delete" on files you forgot you needed and just point your mouse at them and hit "restore"? It's pretty neat, isn't it? Lifesaver, sometimes. Same idea.

Nothing changes, you just can't see your LJ anymore, but it's sitting around in a "to be purged" file somewhere on LJ's servers - unpurged and restorable with just a click or two. So don't think deleting it protects your copyright or ensures your freedom from any possible Russian prosecution.

Deleting, as others have said, might make a nice political statement, or make it just a bit harder on LJ staff as they might have to dig around a bit in a server version of a Recycle Bin to find what they want, but that's about it.

What's most important is what you post to LJ from now on. It's basically too late for anything you've already put there.

What you post from Dec. 23rd on (yes, flex with me back in time to the actual date the server move occurred!) is now sitting on servers operating under Russian law, so from Dec. 23rd on, their law applies, not ours (US/stateside here). Act accordingly, as again, I have little desire to make additional comments.

What Concerns Me (the most), Part II

According to scattered user reports like this one and my own at-home tests, at the same time the server change was made the https:// URL protocol was suddenly no longer live nor allowed to function on any part of LiveJournal (and as of this writing, the HTTPS Everywhere add-on won't help, so if that's the only reason you're tempted to install it...*shakes head*...don't bother).

Lack of secure socket technology (in simple language, "sudden lack of a private web connection to LJ") means hackers, spies, governments, and yes, even your nosy next-door neighbor can easily spy on you while you're on LJ.

As almost any LJ/DW user already knows, the implications of that last paragraph are fairly terrifying, as friends locks (LJ) and access locks (DW) are important to nearly all of us, so this change should scare everyone and convince people to stop using LJ until it's corrected, if indeed it ever is.

Because Dreamwidth is a place that's always encouraged people to continue using LiveJournal (DW supports both full imports of all LJs and crossposting to LJ and I'll add a disclaimer that by reporting on the LJ server switch and by talking about the current lack of secure browsing on LJ I'm in no way suggesting, "Stop using LJ and forever and ever!!!111!".

In referring to LJ's lack of secure browsing, I *am* simply suggesting you stop using LJ until that gets fixed, but ultimately, what works - and feels - best for you is always your own decision to make.

As far as making comments here goes, I welcome them, but really don't want to talk about Russia. I do enough of that under lock, so if you're on my subscribe list I can consider adding access so you can share all of my sheer, overwhelming joy on that. There is so much joy. But I'm always keen to answer any question(s) you might have on "how to Dreamwidth" or to point you in the right direction if I can't (or shouldn't try to) answer myself.

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2012-02-07 09:38 pm
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Purge this, LiveJournal, if you can.

When I deleted my last LiveJournal (about mid-summer of 2010) I left all of my comments and community posts behind - even stuff that anyone else might want to delete to save face (since, you know, I could act up a lot over there, and back in the full flush of my youth - from my mid to late 30s - I did).

I figure if you post anything, even comments - though they seem so throwaway in nature - you create a record of yourself, and for better or worse I wanted to preserve that record, to look back one day and say, yeah, that was me then, but this is who I am and where I'm going now. Of course I've got a lot of LJ tied up in my memories, but reading what you've written makes the reality of what you've said and done that much more concrete.

So it came to pass a short time back as I was reading a DW community post that a Dreamwidthian mentioned LJ deleted every comment she ever made after purging her account. And I thought, oh no, that must be why all record of me was expunged from [ profile] thefulcrum, a fact that puzzled me until that moment. I mean, to erase literally hundreds of comments and break so many threads seemed far from...from what I knew of Liz, I guess you might say.

I made a mental note that night to check other LJ communities to see if I'd been expunged from them, too. I was particularly anxious about [profile] s2_bloggish because I wrote some tutorials for them that I was kind of proud of. But I figured if LJ wiped my comments, they'd also wiped my posts. Then I let a month go by, because I was too afraid to find out.

I finally dared take a peek tonight and while my tutorials are still there (here's one, so I assume all three are still kicking around) the comments I made on them are gone. Blotted out. Erased. On the tutorial linked to above there was a thread between my CSS mentor [personal profile] av8rmike and myself, just disappeared (I can still remember what it was about, too: he was telling me my wording was off, and I was keeping him posted on my edits as I made them).

How does that help any of LJ's users, that they can't even follow a comment thread properly anymore? What's the point of erasing comments with purged accounts? When I deleted my LJ accounts, purging comments wasn't even an option - they just went ahead and did so without even asking. If they had asked I would've said no.

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2012-02-04 09:27 pm
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LJ to stop (most) ads (in most places) by (at most) mid-2012, aren't you excited, too?

From the LJ News update:

2012: A Look Ahead

Expect to see big changes in the coming months. Over the last year we've decreased advertising across the site. We're excited to announce that by mid-2012, advertising will be phased out completely for virtually all of the LiveJournal service pages, journals, and communities that we know and love. Advertising will only be shown in select communities that opt in to displaying it (which you'll hear more about on February 15).

Found out via DW but the post in question is under f-lock, so to quote my response to it (which I think I can do, despite the f-lock?)

[...] I'm having trouble remembering now, but I think the ads were exactly why I left. (Dear God, please don't make me think about going back, whatever you do...).

gives self a second to think...

Oh, wait, that's right, it was the link-jacking that drove me away, since it was happening on my blogs, too, but that's ad-related as well...will they still link-jack?

Of course, I think they'll still link-jack. And that they're removing most ads in most places isn't exactly re-assuring. And the very thought of re-joining LJ kind of makes me sick. I'm trying to turn a new leaf, and based on my nearly-magical ability to process what little information I have and accurately apply it to the future, I think DW will turn out to be a better bet, both feature- and comfort-level wise... but *shrug* I could be wrong.

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2012-01-24 07:40 pm

Stuff I Hate About the Web

  1. Collapsed comment threads. Nothing against Dreamwidth; I have always, always hated them, no matter where they might pop up. Knowing I'll have to click on one thing to "open" another that should already be on the page (and in fact, is on the page, just in a hidden form) is the online equivalent of chalk across a chalkboard.
  2. Expanding comment threads. Try this experiment on anything less than a blazing-fast connection: open this comment thread in a new tab. If you use Firefox, you can install this add-on to check page-load time (or you can just use Opera). Now go back to that thread and "expand" it (which will not exactly happen; you'll expand only part of it, then keep expanding it as you work your way down the thread). Check page-load time again. Which way loads comments faster? If you don't have a timer add-on, which way seems to load them faster? Now imagine how long it must take people on slow, unsteady (wifi/3G/dial-up) connections to use expanders.
  3. Being informed by the Intertubes that there's Greasemonkey scripts to save you all that comment expansion. Using scripts might've made sense when the only sites with collapsed threads were LJ and, well...LJ? Now everyone has them, from LJ to Dreamwidth to Facebook (and FB's implementation is even slower) to The New York Times, so you need scripts for increasingly large swaths of the Internet. Even worse, scripts (especially if you use a lot of them) can slow page loads as much as waiting for threads to expand, so what exactly do you gain?
  4. Being unable to show anything on Dreamwidth's default view besides unexpanded comment threads. DW strikes me as more user-friendly than LJ and its clones, so as a user, I would love to see the option to keep comment threads expanded by default across the site.
  5. "Flattened" comment pages. Instead of threads looking like threads, they become shapeless and without form so you have no idea what's going on. In Flattened Comment Dimension, you rely on clues like "Re: DIAF already", "In response to Jerkof11" and the almighty blockquote to figure out who's replying to who. Why not just chuck comments into a blender and display the output? Same difference.
  6. Facebook design. The chilling insistence upon one blue and white background, one tiny, greyish, and nearly illegible font, one Timeline, and one slowly expandable and completely un-navigatable comment thread is how I envision every website will look once Communist China takes over. Which scares the crap out of me.
  7. Photobucket. Page load times there will make you want to move to South Korea to speed things up by even a few seconds. I've never seen anything, and I do mean anything, like it. I would delete both my accounts if they hadn't gained over one billion of my pictures long before the site got so slow, and if only Photobucket would offer an export tool to help me get them out of there.
  8. @font-face. I've been playing with imported fonts for years but I still can't find much use for them. The best examples I've seen can make sites look marginally better, but for that one bit of splashiness we all pay by way of slower page loads and flashing text. Computers should come with a better and wider range of fonts - not slow down to load fonts from a far-off website. It's the worst implementation of a good idea I've ever seen.
  9. Google Plus. I have just one thing against it - besides this (but since I don't use it, I don't really care what they put everyone else through) - that Google took their ideas for Circles and filters from our very own Dreamwidth. I didn't guess where those ideas came from until Google tried to hire [staff profile] denise, this site's owner, shortly before rolling G+ out to the masses.
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2011-12-21 11:51 pm

You Dreamwidthians know you can use LJ Mixit/Expressive on DW, right?

I've known it all along, but outside of re-installing my last Bloggish layout (it was on Anti-AOL, but my custom code for it no longer works, which I know because I have an LJ account that exists just to help me fix it, which I haven't gotten around to doing in three years) I could never think of a good reason to put myself through all this just to install any Mixit/Expressive layout currently in existence. For reference, I used nothing but Bloggish and Mixit on LJ for EE (this blog) but of the two layouts, I found Mixit the hardest to work with and the least stylish (but I liked it because its code base is more modern than Bloggish's, which was created in, I don't know, 2001, I guess).

Then I saw The Croatian Magician, and even though I'm banned forever from commenting on layouts at The Fulcrum, I fell really hard for it. So I've installed it, without comment of course, as a theme layer. You can see it live on my Dreamwidth (well, sort of live - you have to keep that "?s2id=764192" part of the URL after the last backslash of whatever page you're on, or you won't see it at all). I had meant to add the theme layer it uses to [community profile] css_code but I done screwed up (forgot to switch users) but owing to this issue I can't. I'm not sure if I have to buy paid time for my comm to install and use it, but I'll look into that another day. In the meantime I'm going to play with it like I play with all pre-made layouts I use, before going absolutely live with it in either location.

Which all came about because I can't go a day without coding or re-coding something anymore - it's an addiction. It's how I 1) relax, 2) continue to feel somewhat productive and 3) keep my brain moving so it doesn't completely rot from lack of math/spatial challenges/moar pretty. I've recoded this layout to the point there's almost nothing left to do (I don't like my comment-page titles, and I have a huge bug I haven't unraveled in the edit box attached to comment forms, but besides that, it's starting to bore me) and I won't be updating the layout on [community profile] css_code because I don't like it, and I'm taking a seriously long break from Greasemonkey coding because Google's pushed me waaaaay past the point where I can suffer along with all the changes they're making, so my new Mixit layer should keep me busy trying to fix the un-fixable and/or spiff things up for a while (in fact, I imagine Core 1 will drive me crazy before long - which is kind of how I like my challenges to work).

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2011-07-12 10:51 am
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I've been thinking (for months, maybe years) how weird it really is that...

...people will tell me to blog on Wordpress instead of LiveJournal (in the past) or Dreamwidth (now). Can any of you perpendiculars imagine anyone telling me back in the early days of LiveJournal: "Well, LJ is for fandom - you know, where people steal IP and copyright to make up their own stories using other, more talented people's characters, but just for fun, not profit - that's what LJ's all about?"

Everyone from LJ's creator to users would have been all "W.T.F. peeps trippin'" - but not anymore.

Or...turn the example on its head for a minute - right after LJ's creation, people start telling others who actually write normal posts on their LJs: "You need to 1) get your own website, 2) move to Tumblr or Wordpress, 3) love and live for fandom or 4) GTFO". Again, everyone from Fitz on down would have been asking anyone so inclined to get their heads examined - and quick.

Here's the basic logic problem fandom can't solve: Blogs - believe it or not, people - really are for blogging. Journals are for journaling. I kind of do both, and lo and behold, LiveJournal and Dreamwidth also allow and encourage you, by the very nature of their design, to do both.

So what do millions of people do when they see that? They turn every hybrid journal/blogging site out there except Wordpress and Tumblr into fandom parties, then tell me to GTFO if I don't like it. Really? Without the slightest hint of irony or any sense of how absurd the whole thing sounds to someone who just wants to use their own blog to blog?

So here's me turning the logic problem around on all of you: AO3 or GTFO. I'm tired of feeling like I'm the one who doesn't belong.

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2010-07-31 04:30 pm
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LJ lies: you can't 'reserve' a purged username.

LJ has this so-called "feature" where if you spy a purged username (like Anti-AOL - it was mine until a day or two ago) you can "reserve" it for future use. Good idea, right? Just squat on a name until you feel like using it. If ever. Except it's not about "reserving" purged usernames at all.

It's about buying them, which you can do only by purchasing a "rename token" for an already existing account. And that will be $15, thank you and ya'll come by to let us screw ya again...ya hear?

Edit: for [personal profile] sophie, who has no idea what I'm talking about, and therefore, "no sympathy", here's a screen shot:

LJ actually does invite you to reserve any purged usernames!

I'll be damned, but this doesn't look like the innocuous (and free of charge) act of "reserving" a username to me. Not at all. It's got to be the biggest bait and switch LJ has ever pulled:

On LJ, you can't reserve a username, but yes, you can buy one

I learned of this after [personal profile] bel suggested I snatch my purged username while I could, after I wrote that I was fiending to host Anti-AOL on LJ again (I miss the traffic the blog got and the email it generated).

I would do that, but I can't take the ads and sneakiness of LJ, so I was tempted to "reserve" my username, just in case, you know, one day...someone else wants it (I'm mighty jealous) but after seeing LJ's bait and switch with my own eyes, the hell with that idea.

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2010-06-27 01:06 am
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Should I delete both blogs?

No, not this one and that one; the two blogs that spawned them: this one and that one. I swore on this one that I would delete that one and it this July, when my last paid account expires on the other one.

But if I delete them, and they're purged, the user names might get recycled. I'm the only Marah Marie who lives in the US who doesn't have a MySpace, Friendster, flikr, Facebook, or any of that other social crap (but the Twitter is mine) so that LJ was always dear to me (I started it to write what became anti-aol years later): it proves that I'm not the other Marah Maries.

At least, it proves that to me. No one else has a clue, judging by what stalkers seem to look at the most in Google (Google does arrange links by how often they're clicked on, which, if it was a reliable method for estimating which results are accurate, would have me living in the Philippines, writing insipid poems on MySpace, and bearing the first name of "Helga". Yikes.).

In fact, I bought the name "marahmarie" back from LJ in early 2008 (what does that work out to with the new LJ math: 1500 tokens, right?) to ensure no other Marah Marie who wanted to start an LJ could. Which was selfish and rotten of me, but hey, "Marah's Test" wasn't agreeing with me - I'm not fond of describing myself in abstract verbs. If I was, I would choose much more interesting ones...

So if I delete them, it's done - until I hit the panic button 5 or 15 or 29 days from now to preserve my user names, which I'm as jealous of as God allegedly is of us. Or...see that's the problem...there is no "or". I don't want LJ's goddamned ads all over my journals, and I don't want to pay LJ to make the ads go away on space I'm not using, so I have to delete both LJs.

Maybe someone could pop me a Vicodin over the Interwebs if I start getting the shakes over this? Mmmmmm? Pretty please? I love me some Vicodin.

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2010-06-23 12:01 am
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So now you can re-post friends-only entries PUBLICLY on LJ. WTF?

Hello, Dreamwidthians, please tell me I'm not reading this comment, that it's all a bad dream and that I'll wake up knowing LJ is really about the cotton-candy and unicorns, just like I always thought, not about newly sadistic LJ staff who decided friends-only entries can be re-posted publicly now at the click of a stupid re-post button.

I'm going to go break something now.

Cotton candy and unicorns? Please? Don't tell me what I'm seeing in that comment is the truth. Because I'm afraid nothing will be left standing in this room if it is.

Obviously, this is going to be a huge problem. Leave it to LJ to assume people will know that using that one line of code makes the most locked-down post on earth PUBLIC.

It's comparable to giving AOL database passwords out to the AOL users. It's hard to say who's more retarded: LJ for putting the keys to the flocked kingdom in the user's hands, or the users for going "Der, when should I use that line of code?". When you combine that line of code with copyright law, you've got a real mess, since by using that line of code, even unwittingly, you are granting everyone permission to re-distribute your flocked posts in full forever.

It makes zero sense to make LJ users so vulnerable to such serious potential privacy losses.

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2010-06-03 11:22 pm
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I hate my blog. A whole lot.

This is the second time I've been online in a week and I don't want to be. I hate the Internet now like I never did before.

I was on the Internet arguing with um, LJ staff, about privacy issues concerning volunteers and our flocked posts and private and closed support requests a week ago tonight when a member of my family became extremely ill and had to leave by ambulance.

I went with her and have been with her almost day and night since, sleeping in her hospital room, praying that somehow she'll get better - and praying that she will stay better, if possible, once she gets through this.

I still want to cure cancer with everything in my heart and soul (actually, more than I want to cure it, I want to simply isolate it in one spot, beat it senseless with a club, and thereby eradicate it from the earth because I hate cancer - it's the most useless, torturous, stupidly, needlessly painful, horrible illness there is).

First my dad, then my uncle, now my...I can't even say it. Because like she said to me an hour after surgery, "I can't have cancer. Not me. It's not in the plan." Sometimes I wish it was me, too. Just to get to a part of life (the Afterlife, which I do believe in, and no, I don't want to see most of you up there if there is one, but thanks anyway) that will never involve any of us suffering again.

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2010-04-24 01:17 pm
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Blocking LJ scripts? Fine. You will not be able to open any links on LJ. They will 'freeze'.

The links will freeze even with the console command set opt_exclude_stats 1 in effect while you're logged in.

LJ, with this little trick, has forced you to disable your AdBlock and NoScript add-ons in order to use the site.

The scripts won't run if you block them, that's true, but the pay-off is once you block them, you can't click any link on LJ at all (this problem seems to be concentrated in entry-content and comment-content areas, but it could be showing up in other areas, too). They "freeze" and act the same as un-hyperlinked text (dead).

The only workaround I know of is to right-click LJ links and open them in new tabs.

My browser is set to open links that I left-click in new tabs, so obviously doing the reverse is not normal for me.

Seriously, wtf?

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2010-02-27 09:08 pm
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So in response to this post, my new friend Sean Hakes bought to slander me on. Seriously. You can find the post he wrote about it if you do a Google search for [marahmarie] (I don't want him to have the satisfaction of seeing inbound links coming from my blog, so I'm not linking to it here). Mr. Biiiiiiiigggg Bad-Ass SEO thinks that's gonna scare me. I put the post that so inspired him on friends only because he changed the source code of his post that so inflamed me to not be so completely plagiarizing me anymore, and because his friends are sending me almost like death threats, telling me to take the post down or he'll sue me, and telling me how he's such a big, bad man online and that I don't know who I'm dealing with (oh, so scary). I'll have to reprint the emails and the comments he's getting on his blog, though you can see some right on the post he wrote about me. Comments on other posts and the email I'm getting reflect what you'll see on the post you'll find in Google: that I can't write, that I'm stupid, that Sean did nothing wrong, blah blah blah. Meanwhile, Sean won't acknowledge he was scraping me, but he did change the text he scraped from me to not be such an exact match anymore, so I guess he got the message, despite his antics.

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2010-02-26 09:24 pm
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Sean Hakes, you Black Hat SEO, stop scraping my content.

7-20-14 I had made this post friends-only after my dear friend Sean bitched about it, but four years later he's still got my website name, which he will apparently never relinquish, so the hell with worrying about his feels.

This is one of those posts that's so self-explanatory I don't even need to write anything to make everyone understand, but I'll write a little, just to explain what's what as I go along.


Unbelievably enough, over the last few days, this dopey blog came up #1 in a Google search for []. The article responsible for it gets over 500 views and about half as many visitors yesterday alone. I'm thrilled, since it's the best day this blog has ever had (in about five years!), but I'm a little beside myself, too.

Fast forward 24 hours, to about 7pm...

I check my stats and while I expect visits to be down about half from yesterday, since it's Day 3 of the news being online, I don't expect only 20 visits. So I do a Google search for [].

Not only is my journal now completely disappeared from search results, but I discover that this bastard is scraping my content, which you can see in this snippet on Google, where he now lands at #3 for a search on [] thanks to my content:

(click to expand all shots)

Sean Hakes Illegally Scraping My Content - Google Snippet

So I screen capped Sean's source code, since his spam article doesn't show my scraped content in it (coward that he is)...

Sean Hakes Illegally Scraping My Content

Then I left him a comment on the post he scraped my content into...

Sean Hakes Illegally Scrapes Our Content

Then I reported him to his web host...

My Email to 1 and 1 about Sean Hakes

Then I reported him to Google, even though how I feel about Google makes my dislike of AOL look kind of cute in an ornery way...

I hate Black Hat SEOs - is it obvious enough yet or not?

Then I left him another comment on his About page...

Having fun yet, Sean?

Now I would like to conclude with the most obvious statement I can make: I think it's kind of stupid to just blindly scrape content from people you don't even know, even if you are you were, up until now, a big Black Hat SEO who thinks he's all that. You never know, if you start giving shit out, what kind of shit you'll be getting in return.

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2010-02-25 11:41 pm
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I love writing for search engines. 207 unique visits to one page in one day!

Just to put it in perspective, [ profile] anti_aol got 270 visits today to all pages found in all search engines. Just 'cause I wrote this. It's actually the best day this stupid blog has ever ever had, even counting my IE rants, which were quite popular, for something on this highly ignored LiveJournal of mine. And yes, this is a friends-only post (for once) since it's quite unseemly to brag to the very people you're bragging about.

It's too bad it feels so damn good...

The thing with search engine visitors? I don't like'm. They don't visit other pages, they don't comment (and when they do comment, they're much more likely to be trolls or to have nasty attitudes), and they don't come back. It's the online equivalent of a sugar high - short and quick, but God, does it feel good until I crash, recover, and write something else that lands at the top of Google's slush heap.

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2010-01-20 11:49 pm

[ profile] wuchan hath taggeth me...

So I have to:

A. List ten habits/quirks/facts about myself.

B. Tag ten people to do the same.

*deep sigh, over just how introspective and self-aware I'm not...*

In no particular order, just as it pops into my head:

  1. I'm a control freak. There's nothing I do or work on that doesn't excite, intrigue, and interest me to an almost fetish/obsession level. This is both a curse and a blessing - a curse because it slows me waaaaaay down as I obsess and sometimes get sidetracked altogether over the tiniest details, and a blessing because I'm so damn thorough you just don't know what hit you.
  2. I'm also a big-picture person who forgets to tweak the final copy because I'm having such a head rush over how I got the big picture. Once my ego deflates (decompression normally takes a few minutes but can take up to a few years) I go, "Oh, wait, I completely fucked up or else forgot every important detail here", which has something to do with being a perfectionist, and which somehow relates to or is caused by being a control freak. At this point, my head explodes trying to figure it out, which I can't, so on to the next oddity.
  3. I can't type. I could teach myself, but I don't. I have a list of things I "want or need to do" so long I can't fit typing in without bumping something more high-priority. But when I think of how much time I spend editing, I cringe. It takes me as long to edit as it does to type, so if I were to add all the minutes of editing up over the years, I could easily have crammed about 20 full-length typing courses into it.
  4. I don't keep lists. I have no formal (or even semi-formal) list of things to blog about, buy, or do around the house or in the yard. I just keep a running to-do list in my head. As a result, I can go weeks without buying things I need at the store, because if I don't initially remember something, even if it's important, I won't go back just to get it. I believe punishing myself like this improves my memory.
  5. Astrology is garbage, but one thing (well, two things - being transcendentally close to my real friends and family is also true) on this page rings true: I'm all about secrecy/privacy. The trick is to make it *look like* I'm open but, honestly, I'm not. I support the idea that in a perfect world, I would share my life with more people, but it's not a perfect world, so I don't share much with anyone. Some stories will never get told. And don't think it doesn't kill me because, depending on which secret we're not talking about, sometimes it feels like it will.
  6. I write with my left hand balled up over a pen or pencil - which is rare and just as uncomfortable as it looks - but that's the only way I can hold a writing implement. I do almost everything right-handed - except write and throw a ball. Mouse? Right-handed. (I could use it left-handed up 'til 2004, but once I switched hands, I couldn't switch back). So I do photo-editing right-handed, which took years to pull off without my right hand shaking. I consider it one of my most glorious battles (the battle of Right vs. Left - similar to kicking my own ass, but more rewarding).
  7. I think everything of what anyone, except for perhaps a perfectly rude and obnoxious stranger, thinks of me. I wish I was not so swayed by other people's opinions, but I figure if I wasn't, I might be a much more obnoxious person now. I'm pretty obnoxious in spite of this check on myself, so I guess it's a saving grace of some sort and/or a way of having my more negative personality aspects reined in.
  8. Another 2-for-1: I have a crooked toe, black spots on my irises, completely double-jointed arms, my feet are two different sizes (off by one half size exactly), and I like to stand on my head "for fun". Other than head stands, though, I'm no acrobat. The physical defects are thanks to an anti-nausea drug my mom took. The head-stands? I have no idea, but for some weird reason they relax me, like laying on the floor and flipping my feet over and behind my head relaxes me. It's just goofy and fun.
  9. I'm extremely energetic. When I was young I had so much energy I shook constantly, day in, day out. Couldn't stop. Taught myself to stop at the age of 14, but it would still sneak up on me. I didn't lick it 'til my early thirties. I can run circles around most people I know, not because I'm competitive and driven (which I totally am) but because if I don't get rid of the excess energy, I'll never sleep, which makes this another 2-for-1: I'm a night owl. Most of anti-aol was written after 10pm and edited even later.
  10. I get bored easily. It's weird having excess energy and absolutely nothing that I feel like doing, when my to-do list is always a mile long and there's always more to do, but the drone-like repetitiveness of doing the same shit over and over drives me out of my mind if I don't just go find some novelty for a while.

This was sort of stream-of-consciousness, so forgive me if it's not exactly Shakespeare...I just spit it out.


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2009-11-19 07:33 pm
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I got mentioned in LJ [ profile] news - no, not for getting my account TOSed

Seriously, I'm not in trouble (unreal, isn't it?). All I did to deserve this was to send LiveJournal a postcard. A Florida postcard divided into top and bottom panels. On the top panel is a big (mmmm), built (mmmm), dreamy (mmmm) clean-shaven dude (mmmm, mmmm, mmmm!) with the words, "What you want...". On the bottom panel are two ginormously fat, unshaved, flabby men laying on a beach with the words, "What you get."

I wish LiveJournal had posted it. I don't have a copy!

I wrote on the reverse, "Greetings to LiveJournal staff from sunny, manless Florida!" I listed both my blog addresses, and today I learned [ profile] anti_aol was picked in a random hat drawing for six months of free paid account time. Which isn't showing up in my account admin panel, but I suspect it ought to soon (otherwise, *dread*, I will have to open a Support request). Got it - LiveJournal is on the ball.

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2009-09-11 07:54 pm
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I've been un-Internetting (is that a verb?).

I stayed away from my own blogs for the last two days because after I rant I pretty much have to. Especially if I think a rant was particularly good; it's my way to hide once it's out; in fact, sometimes I never want to see the rant again because I don't want to see or reply to the comments.

The first time I noticed this strange behavior was after I wrote this post in early 2006; it took three days after I submitted it to Digg to check my email and the rest of the week to reply to people (it had a lot of comments, which got deleted with the entire blog). It's like I get gun-shy after I write a good rant (maybe I'm afraid people will rant at me for my rant; maybe I'm afraid of my own responses should people do so; I'm not terribly introspective so I don't know).

With the time I picked up ignoring my email and blogs I went shopping; spent time with my family; engaged in conversations I never would have had otherwise; did yard work; took up bike-riding again; started on a nice tan; helped cook several meals (I don't do most of the cooking around here which has both spoiled and bored me somewhat, since I like cooking), downloaded a ton of my lost music, went online to learn about topics I never had insight into; spent more time with my boyfriend and one of my close friends (he was in an accident a few weeks ago and can't get around so I cleaned his entire house for him); and that's just what I can recall doing in the last two days.

Conclusion: life without my blogs is good. In fact, I don't miss them at all.

Before I disappeared I made a new layout. I used the last layout this blog had as a base and I think it kicks ass. :)