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A chart of the Day on Alley Insider has, miraculously enough, not just gotten comments but a few hilarious ones, including this gem by "Steffen Jobs":

Microsoft has more money than brains but that's a good thing since it helps stimulate the economy which is important, too. Microsoft should spread some of its money around instead of piling it up in a bank. Microsoft will never run out of money since they're basically robbing consumers blind by endlessly rehashing the same Windows OS over and over. A few losses of online cash is a drop in the bucket for such a huge company.

When he got to the part about how "Microsoft will never run out of money" I almost fell over laughing - people don't realize how fast a spare $50 bil or so can go - especially in the wrong hands. Microsoft has been Loss Leader Du Jour for the last 10 years, but it's hard to get mad about that knowing Enterprise is the only lifeline they can safely cling to (tell me which business's computer systems their OSs are not on, besides Google's), and 2) knowing that at least they're not Google - which reminds me, this story about the so-called "Googleplex" does get me a bit hot - funny, isn't it, that most of Google's book scanners are of African-American origin, that they're segregated within the Googleplex, and that they get no perks whatsoever even when contractors (a group whom one might assume are of more than one color) do, all the time? Even funnier, isn't it, that the one person who tried to look into all this (not-so) funny stuff got instantly snuffed out?

Maybe not.

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Microsoft came out with three new ads this week after their Seinfeld spots were rejected by our ignorant populace as "boring" and "weird". Ever the rebel, I found myself enjoying the first ad - not for Seinfeld's role, but for Bill Gates', who, despite his company's dismal track record for delivering buggy, malware-prone products, oh, 30 out of 30 times, melts my heart with that spontaneous goofiness of his.

The new ads star bright luminaries like Eva Longoria - or is that Eva Mendes? OK, so it doesn't matter who stars in the ads. I like them. Like others, I (almost) feel pride again in owning a PC after watching them. The one below is quite amusing - if only for the ending, which might remind you of a post title I stuck somewhere on this blog.

And on a very special note...

Ahoy! Yer Käpt'n's here to say it's Talk Like a Pirate Day! Avant, yer scurvy Papagei! (translate here and here)

I love Talk Like a Pirate Day, and I love that I'm German, and I really love that someday I might be a German pirate, so today combines the best of all possible worlds. The only way it could get any better is if I won Lotto and/or married a German pirate sometime before tonight's over. I more likely to marry a German pirate or to win Lotto?