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ETA, 9-20-2016: Now available for download as part of Opera 40 (non-dev build, the official public version).

Using the word "presto" in my last post? Reminded me I have a post to make about Opera. Back in the spring (yes, I'm slow to get around to things, am I not?) Opera released a browser with VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology baked right in. The way I've seen it explained is that it's a network within a network. Your ISP (say, Comcast, my ISP) can see you connect to the Internet, but once you hop on your VPN, Comcast cannot see anything else you do. Pretty neat, huh?

The actual VPN technology has been buggier than my garden but it works, truly, it works (the latest release seems to have fixed making surfing via VPN a global/sticky setting - checking the box for that didn't used to make it global so you had to open a New Private Window every time - and with SurfEasy, Opera's VPN provider, going in and out of service intermittently, and with new Private Tabs telling you to enable VPN after you already did, which was probably the most mind-bending bug of them all) so if you've had any issues, try the latest version.

Here's Opera's original blog post about it; the download link is in the first paragraph (choose Opera Developer, the button to the right on the download page, not Beta, to the left). The rendering engine is, of course, still open source WebKit, not Opera's Presto, but I'll forever associate Opera with Presto - which btw, sucks (like Internet Exploder's Trident, minus the exploding, but definitely plus much of the same hideous page rendering, so I won't be missing it much) so there's that.