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So after admiring (and digging around in CSS style sheets to find) a font I liked on another website, I came to learn it's called TabletGothic Compressed and is available via Typekit Fonts. Thinking I might get it for free if I signed up for a TypeKit account, I went ahead and did so, only to be confronted by this image toward the end of the list of 49 free fonts non-paying users can have (but of course, TabletGothic Compressed was not among them).

The letters A and G in Strumpf Std Open Adobe typkit, aka bunny rabbit and goatse. If this were a Rorschach test, I'd totally fail it - so, should I make this my default user icon for when people *really* annoy me?

Eye bleach, someone. I will never erase this scene from my memory otherwise.

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Once upon a time, there was an evil Thai landlord.

He was obnoxious, a loud-mouthed tyrant who went to church every Sunday so Jesus could carefully wash him of his sins so he could terrorize the 'hood for another hair-raising week. Except for mom - she could make him walk around repeating what she said like it was the word of God. By extension he was afraid of me, too (I have a glare that can break windows that I used every other second on him, so I rarely found the need to say much, but one time I did tell him to get out of my face and called him a mofo until he blanched and started walking backwards away from me with his hands up in the air, chastising me all the while for my mouth).

We were among the few people he tried to curry favor with, probably because he knew we hated him. He'd come into the yard at least once a week while we were out on the porch to tell us how beautiful our gardens were, make kissy faces at the cats, talk about his third (mail-order from Russia) wife and to discuss what the pastor said at church that day, hint hint. This would be a great big *yawn* except for how bad his English was. Not tarball, I guess, but pretty fucking bad. My not-so-fond name for how he spoke was Tinglish. Among his Greatest Hits: his answer the day we asked him what he'd done to our pine trees. He'd had one of his day-labor crews come in and just hack them up. His eyes lit up as he shouted with joy: "I make pretty-pretty! You like?"

"Nope," my mom said, staring at him. I almost fell to the ground laughing. He wrinkled his brow at her. "You no like pretty-pretty?"

"No, I no like pretty-pretty," she intoned matter-of-factly. "Pretty-pretty", I echoed, sputtering with laughter. He turned to me: "You like pretty-pretty?"

After I almost died laughing, and not being as witty as my mom, I simply asked him what the fuck he did to our pine trees, but I got nothing back either except for more joyful shouts of "I make pretty-pretty! You like?". So for the last seven years or so, anything I've ever done to improve anything?

Making Pretty-Pretty

Handmade laptop skin

You like?

The 5 Ws + How

So I lucked into an older (2005ish, but the specs match more closely 2006-2009 models) Dell Latitude the other day for just over 100 bucks, but it's got this hideous grey cover, which on sight made me recall a recent headline on Lifehacker about skinning your laptop with Contact paper. Here's the article, in fact (but I haven't read it yet). There's Contact kicking around the house but it looks like the tablecloth my laptop's on, and I don't even know where to buy jazzier-looking stuff (mine's from the local dollar dump).

Not wanting my laptop to look like a tablecloth, I went to JoAnne Crafts and found a fairly large adhesive sticker (that's the shiny stuff you see; it was about two feet long, so I cut it - right on the laptop - to fit correctly) and a pack of flower adhesives. Time spent finding these things? About half an hour, because JoAnne's is like Craft Mecca. Total cost? $2.62 with tax and a military discount (not mine).

The hard part wasn't cutting it to fit correctly but, surprisingly, finding and pressing out the little air bubbles. After re-laying the sticker oh, I dunno, too many times because I don't know how to give up, I gave up and put the flowers wherever the biggest/most obvious air bubbles are, all the while wondering why I don't own a rolling pin, which would have helped a lot.

But I was so pleased with how easy it was to make my new-old laptop look oooh, shiny that I'm wondering now if there's any demand for that sort of thing. I know Dell does custom covers nowadays (painted or spray-painted on, I suppose, for many dollars, I suppose, unless you pre-order or buy The Most Expensive Thing, I suppose) but I was thinking the hell with that, what if people just want some cheap, pretty covers but don't want to do it themselves? I could make a few extra bucks doing this, seeing how cheap the supplies are and all.

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Welcome, one and all, to the Gardening Edition of Everything Else. In today's tiptoe through my tulips we're going to cover my unending desire to grow things. My garden's sure to please many, from stern environmentalists (I grow my own food and seasonings!) to avid xenoscapers (I grow true Florida Natives!) to the conspicuously environmentally wasteful (it's a container garden, and some of it will croak in the next frost!).

History of My Current Garden

As longtime readers might recall, I no longer own my last garden. It was 10 years old, well-established, completely perennial, and featured Florida native trees, flowers and bushes, along with spices and flowers of almost endless assortment. Someone who saw my ad on Craigslist paid me about $200 to dig the entire assortment, trees and all, up to sell at a local nursery so the next tenant (my landlord) wouldn't get the fruits of my labor.

What the garden would've been worth if I had sold it off piece by piece is unknown; I'd venture to guess maybe thousands. That's never what got me about selling it wholesale, though. What got me was I knew I couldn't take it along (no room at our next place), yet I couldn't bear to part from it.

To this day I ache for our tiny plot of Confederate Jasmine, saw palmetto, palm trees, lantana, roses, azaleas, Mexican heather, amaryllis, Stella D'oro lilies, spices, mums, daisies, zinnias, salvia, stonecrop, cacti, Leland cypress, all kinds of ivys and vines, along with most of the plants seen and described below - yes, it was truly a jungle out there. Replacing some of it - often with plants identical to what we once owned - has helped dull the ache - but not enough.

zomg, longest tl;dr evah...maybe )

Due to no longer having a sense of permanence, since life can change so suddenly - and often when you least expect it - we've become somewhat-reluctant container gardeners. It has good and bad points. Good: the garden travels with us; no more sitting on my back porch, tears in my eyes, watching strangers rip a piece of my heart right out of the ground. Even better is I can move each plant to where it gets the best sun or shade.

Bad: Florida's hot sun; a Florida container garden needs to be soaked at least once a day. Mine's under awnings so almost never gets rain unless the angle's just right. We fight wilt the other way people fight bugs, mildew and cankers. No amount of mulch helps (and yes, we use Spanish Moss for mulch - I pick it off the ground - it's free and looks better than cedar or pine chips).

Even worse is plants grow, thus they grow out of containers. Rootbound riots regularly occur until affected plants are duly re-potted. We go through a lot of pots, and a few plants - the peace lily (not pictured), the blue dazes (not pictured), the yellow croton (not pictured), and the palm (not pictured) are already in pots large enough to raise small children in, but still needed even bigger pots like yesterday.

Of growing plants - and people who endure them... ) zomg, more plants... )

Here, have a petunia.

white petunia, back from the dead

This petunia has an interesting story: it was originally in a hanging basket (pictured) but died out about two weeks ago, at which point my mom cut it almost to the roots and put the basket on the ground, half in shade. Which somehow saved its life - it hasn't looked that good all year, seriously. :)

If you're noticing lushness and a lot of weeds, that's sort of on purpose. We favor the English cottage-garden look, which isn't as hard to pull off in Florida as it sounds. Just pick the right plants (the more vine-y, fluffy, frilly and softly-colored, the better), don't pull all the weeds (which often turn into gorgeous things almost no one can identify) and use Miracle Gro™ every two weeks if the weather's not too hot (it can burn roots in too-hot conditions).

That's it for now but you can see a few more of these pics on my Photobucket.

And no, there's no sage in my garden's current iteration, but now that I think of it...

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So...I haven't done one of these in a while. Perhaps food poisoning altered my brained chemistry to make me allergic to posting - I know it made me tired, and that I'm still not feeling right - so I'm going to substitute a picture post for anything of value, because I don't feel like writing but it's my day off, and I'm bored. Maybe one day I'll post my regular blah-blah again. Same old drill: click to expand all shots/there are title tags when you hover/if you work for Microsoft, so what.

Windows Scares Off Opera Users

Windows scares off Opera users with a 'This program has been blocked for your protection' message

Meebo Requires An IE Plugin No Matter Which Browser You're Using

Meebo won't run without IE Flash no matter which browser you use

Licht Is The Smartest Person Not In The Room

Licht deleted her Dreamwidth saying real life was greater than it

My New AOL Sockpuppet

AOL uses a sockpuppet image on a sign up page - is that supposed to be insulting or make you think they're cool?
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Yeah, I know, this isn't LJ, but that's what the folder that holds my screen caps is called, so that's what I'ma go with. Some of these have been gathering crud unidentifiable electro-magnetic dust for months, while some I just took tonight. With me most likely moving, I want to kick them off my computer before I put it in storage - I have a new-ish computer at the ready for my new place.

Click each screen shot to expand it to full size (opens in new tab).

FB Connect is misconnecting.

Logged into TC with Facebook? No, I'm not

I haven't logged into Facebook in over a week and my browser is set to Private Browsing, which means no cookies are kept beyond each session.

TC blogger is malfunctioning.

OpenCandy gets WOT block

Spawned while reading this TC article, which lead me to this WOT scorecard for OpenCandy. Good God.

Firefox is incompatible, so upgrade now to Firefox!

Get more Firefox if just some Firefox is incompatible

WhoIs look-ups can involve downright unholy cussin'...

FUK you too, WhoIs.

The LiveJournal Secure Site is untrusted!

If you can't trust LiveJournal Secure, what can you trust?

If you can pull this off with your res already set to 1024 x 768 (like mine was), there's a shiny new Quantum Physics medal in it for you.

Bump res from 1024 x 768 to 800 x 600 kthxby

I'm so special I don't get Hallmark Cards - I get Hallmark programs.

Click here to WHAT???... wait, I don't think so

"Patch Tuesday drove me to Google." Really? Good. Now just stay there, you prick.

Google pays for the right to exercise free hate speech
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I've had this pile of crap on my computer for months, so I figured I'd upload it so I can clean out my Pictures folder.

LiveJournal: Happy Halloween! AGAIN!

March Undeadness at LJ!

Here at LiveJournal we're special. We're so special we celebrate Hallowween twice a year - in March and October. Take that, Blogger bitches!

My screen capture software adds the date to the title so you can see I saw LiveJournal's Undead Journal Site Scheme on March 2nd. When I checked [ profile] support, someone else was having the same problem enjoying the same feature.

Google: If you're looking for the 'best way to remove aol', you may also be interested in the best way to remove:

Removing AOL: a lot like splinter, hair, tick, blackhead, tile, wart, and linoleum removal.
  • wallpaper
  • splinters
  • hair
  • ticks
  • blackheads
  • tile
  • warts
  • linoleum

Holy Mother of God, I had no clue removing AOL is like squeezing a blackhead - but I'm sure tearing out your linoleum with one pinky is easier than removing AOL.

Imagine if you could download the "AOL Layoffs"?

I'm downloading the AOL Layoffs!

"These applications are currently running: AOL Layoffs In Progress (TWX) - Mozilla Firefox Downloads"

The devs who coded this installer have finally made it possible to download their laid-off coworkers. About time.

Makke mme ssttopp wwrrittinngg ddoubble cconssonnannts ddonn'tt bbellievve mme wwhhyy donn'tt yyou ttrryy itt

Piccspot: Wwebb 2.duh.

This is what happens when you mix Web 2.0 with Chinglish: Nothing you can read.

Your Turbo-Powered Tag Cloud HERE!

If you want this, get a life.

By way of [ profile] s2expressive I learned you can make this ugly-ass finger-paint tag tornado.