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I can't imagine how else they'll sell the base on auditing everyone eligible for the EITC (Earned Income Tax Credit) except to tell them:

"There they are, cruising 'round in their Cadillacs with those heavy Gucci bags back to their McMansions to rest on their big, fancy couches with their 104 inch, 4000K TVs blasting away in their faces, eating some crab legs. Meanwhile, hard-working people like YOU are just scraping by!"

I could see this as the thing that makes the plug-and-play "base" stomp and howl and chant, "Lock 'em up!" at Trumpanado's next barnstorming. Of course, half the people at the rally would have be locked up, too, but whatever; never let facts get in the way of a good hate-in, is what I say.

Before anyone asks, it rained for about 14 hours. We're at a slight elevation so it wasn't too bad. Wind held steady between "blowing branches off trees" and "knocking them over" (including one down the road that took our power out around 6:30am, so at least it wasn't like we were in the pitch black dark while debris made terrifying landings on the roof all night). I jammed earplugs in and slept through most of it, because I didn't want to know.

I made my own ice blocks using gallon ziploc bags the day before, and today we found a store with some ice, then the power cut back on a few hours later, so food loss was pretty minimal.

The hardest part was not knowing: as of 9pm last night Irma was supposed to hit as a Cat 3 or 4, so I was fairly anxious, even apologizing to Bowie, who's even more terrified of debris hitting the roof than I am, which by then it already was.

But Irma was downgraded via push notification to a tropical storm shortly thereafter. I could not believe my eyes, so I spent another hour checking my radar app, my news app, NOAA,, the latest on the Post, the Times and the local news, then, satisfied this was probably not End Times In My Neighborhood, just tried to get some sleep.

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She called herself a master negotiator and "worth the trouble" when the Democratic Party tried with all its might to pitch her overboard, preferably head-first.

Boy-howdy, she wasn't kidding. She stood her ground and so she stayed. She did it again this week, and in doing so saved the day (the week, the month, the year, and possibly all of 2018).

Nancy Pelosi, hell to the...

YES!!! An MSN poll shows 65 percent currently approve of Trump accepting the Democratic proposal to avoid federal government shutdown
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We have our own fake news, you know. It's just not as profitable* as the other side's. :/

*Because our fake news is/has always been such a crashing bore. All the gonzo Hunter S. Thompsoning is going on exclusively for the right.

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It's do that or drink. You're welcome to flip a coin to help me decide which in the future.

  • China remains defiant and disrespectful to the US
  • Trump ends trade with China* (maybe not so much other nations, and def not with his precious Rossia) sometime this week
  • Russia sides with North Korea, whether we drop trade with Russia or not
  • North Korea lobs something at us by Wednesday
  • Irma hits US mainland by Sunday - or else harmlessly breaks up at sea
  • As I write this, I predict it's dark out on the East Coast

*Too bad we didn't have infrastructure in place years ago, at the ready as we speak, to drop trade with China. Building it after the fact will be like playing catch-up for the next 20 years, all while prices fast approach something like banana republic of Venezuela inflationary levels. But China takes most of our manufacturing and many of our blue collar jobs, tons of our money, chips away at the well-being of millions of our people and give us almost nothing in return (the 900,000 jobs the media frantically panics about us losing are surely mostly tied up in poorly paying port and trucking jobs with fantastically horrible conditions), not even assurance of protection from a little stain the size of Pennsylvania.

The thing with North Korea is if we hit them we take South Korea out - if somehow we precision target the North and don't hit the South, if any useful part of the North is left standing then they'll use it to take out the South - and S. Korea has no nukes to threaten or actually go after the North with, just to spare us the fucking agony. That's because our policy has been completely bereft of rhyme or reason in that we prohibit the South - our long-term ally - from even possessing nukes, while the North is all like BOMBS AWAY MOTHERFUCKERS. Doesn't make much sense.

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While Texans were fleeing, losing their homes, workplaces and lives, Trump "actually suggested that he’d timed the announcement of his pardon of Joe Arpaio to coincide with the storm’s arrival" because he figured more people were watching the news than normally would be on a Friday night.

Which proves nothing trumps Trump's race card - not even members of his own constituency drowning, flooding out and dying while he merrily, quite contentedly plays, pleased as punch not just with his own timing, but also with the wholly repugnant nature of his announcement.

“In the middle of a hurricane, even though it was a Friday evening, I assumed the ratings would be far higher than they would be normally,” he said. Thousands of Texans were losing their homes. Some had died. And Trump, per usual, was measuring his audience.


“Historic.” “Biggest ever.” “Epic.” That was Trump on Harvey.

“Historic.” “Massive.” “The likes of which the world has never seen.” That was Trump on his election victory.

The next day he held a (likely paid) rally at the storm site, same as the (likely paid) rally he held to announce his cursed run for office. There, he had choice words for the newly flooded, injured, homeless, jobless and mourning-the-dead voters awaiting him with the adoration bordering on near-rapture we've come to expect:

"What a crowd! What a turnout!"

In other words, maybe God's played a little joke on us.

See, it was simply time for Trump to hold another rally, but God's Anointed Orange just couldn't figure out where, so this time He chose the venue for him - but only after completely destroying it to ensure the maximum amount of TV coverage.

See, it all makes sense now!

Texas, you have my sympathies.

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The push notification came during dinner. I glanced at it, put my phone down, got out of my chair and started whooping. I also had something to say about the walking cheese doodle, with a smile on my face while two fingers stayed up in the air.

Now, I'm not one to engage in bothsidesism, especially when the divide opens on the same side(!) but this time I have to. Mattis is openly defying Trump, and that's one of the most courageous and beautiful things I never thought I'd see. There's a lot of elation going on right now, just owing to that. But you have the parallel universe we occupy where, in fact, Mattis is not at all defying Trump - if anything, he's still following orders to the letter - so I just want to get that out there.

But! There's not going to be any study "proving" transgender people are unfit for anything - not unless Alex Jones (or some similar quack) conducts the damn study himself. So let's just wait and see...

ETA: Scavenged the news and saw the ACLU's sued over the ban, Democrats and "LBGTQ" advocates (I prefer the term LBGTQIA) are vowing to fight the ban, and opinion at The Washington Post states Congress must block the ban. Agreed!