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To my UK friends - including my fellow Dreamwidthians and deep inner Dwirclers - I have news you might not like. According to US media, there has been a vote in favor of a Braxit - that is, a total brain exit of vast numbers of people in the UK. While our media has found no source of possible infection that makes this complete exit of a brain from Great Britain possible, the contagion does seem confined for now to the "English countryside" and whatever part of Ireland which does not face North.

I will stop far short of calling the disease vector being somewhat confined by mere location "a relief".

I think everyone who voted in favor of brain exit supports Trump and is a racist xenophobe. Am I making myself clear? The brain exit is driven by the same thing driving whatever remains of Trump's disastrous popularity: refugees. The word "refugees" is the bogey man who represents: 1) blacks, 2) Muslims, 3) women, 4) the poor, 5) people taking our guns away, which is ALL the people who are not like "us" and 6) any other group the racists tend to dislike (and believe me, with racists, there are HUGE overlaps; you're never "just" a bigoted jerk).

That said, the send up y'all are getting across the pond is sort of hilarious. I'm not saying I support the overall mean and sniffy tone, but it has given me a few pauses as I consider how a country stupid enough to even allow Trump to run for President can dare to suggest the population of any other country might also be sort of ignorant and uninformed. So much so, that many of you are even calling for a do-over. Seriously, the last time I heard of doing anything over was when I last begged (yes, this happened more than once, clearly because I'm a jerk) my mom to speak to me again because my mouth? Can work waaaaay faster than my brain, sorry about that, so yes, can we do that moment over, please? I didn't know this was also a legitimate form of politicking.

But I gotta say it: if you read these articles in the order I'll present them in, which is pretty much the same order I found them in on my MSN News app, this does look a bit more like a Braxit then a Brexit, for the following reasons...

Your Googling.

The British are frantically Googling what the E.U. is, hours after voting to leave it. From the above link: "At about 1 a.m. Eastern time, about eight hours after the polls closed, Google reported that searches for "what happens if we leave the EU" had more than tripled". Have you folks considered researching this stuff BEFORE you leave? Or is it just that important to flounce off in a (totally uninformed) huff? Please stop making my country look maybe not quite as stupid in comparison. (It is just as stupid, perhaps more so, so the last laugh's definitely on us: half the people over here just don't Google because "the media lies" and they KNOW they're right, so why bother Googling?)

Your polls.

We can screw up some polls over here, OK? Mistakes were made. Polls were screwed up. Of course it's never any specific group's or person's fault because that's how lack of accountability actually works. I'm a member of YouGov, Ipsos-Mori and other national polling institutions so I've got some background on this. But what the UK can do to some polls is fucking breathtaking.

Your Prime Minister.

This guy had the balls to bluff the entire UK but to his surprise and probable eternal mortification, enough border-loving xenophobes called him out on it to lose the bet he made on you. Then he sent himself packing, apparently because he lost his mandate. He didn't lose his mandate. He lost his fucking bet. I'm not sure if I should give him mad props for sheer cojones or chalk him up to an idiot. He felt pressure from a minority political party to prove, mostly to them, that no one else wanted what they did. And he lost. I'll bet he never in his wildest dreams could see that coming, but I can only wonder why.

Your referendum.

It is, after all, just that. But now that a tiny majority of you have voted to leave, at least some brilliant or at least quite efficient exit plan will immediately go into place, right? You don't have one, you say? Wait. What? Oh, that's right, you...don't.

OK, what the fucking fuck? Invoking Article 50 - the only thing remotely resembling a plan you folks ever had? Isn't something Cameron wants to do now, though it was his own idea, because it will hurt the UK far more than it will hurt the EU in a ton of myriad ways.

Seriously, this is from my heart...

Hold a second referendum to nail down the first one. You've all reacted - and voted - rather brashly and don't understand what's going on. FIND OUT before you vote again, should you be given the chance to.

You don't want your country to turn into what we've got over here now that Trump has risen. He doesn't need to get elected to have already turned the US into a dark and dreary place. It's a mood - and it's not going away, because most of us against him imagine if his tyranny does take effect in November our country as we know it will be over with. You folks don't want this. And as much as I've teased Cameron, I do think he made an honest, genuine, unsuspecting mistake, which just happened to be, like, a huge freaking mistake. Hold him accountable. Vote again. Don't let him resign if Remain wins this time; hold a recall vote if possible and get him back, too.

OK: why do I feel so strongly about this? I've seen the world going down around issues of race, tribe and xenophobia since the much-vaunted and totally disastrous Arab Spring. If you really want to call it, I've seen it going down since my country "freed" Iraq from its tyrannical rule, which I hate to say was much less awful than what it must endure now thanks to our, um, help.

We had no plan in place for Iraq to carry on successfully, so we should have left them alone. The Arab Springers thought, "Ah, freedom, democracy" but with no plan in place what they wound up with was war, displacement, millions of refugees and whatever is going on in Syria. You folks in the UK? Shout, "Ah, freedom from tyrannical EU rule" but again there's no plan in place, and if you think I'm being "ridiculous enough" to quite frankly suggest factional and regional infighting will result in YOUR country from this Brexit, then please roll your eyes - first toward the southern tip of Ireland, then over to Scotland and then back around to the entire city of London, and get back to me on that.

Y'all scare me.