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Your basket can hold many things, and you can use it to travel to many places. You can, for example, go to hell in a handbasket, which can contain eggs, groceries, or even swallow something shaped like a ball. But you cannot places adjectives in it. Your wallbuilders, your five-point star doodlers, your deplorables - as handy as your basket is, it cannot and will never hold your adjectives.

Adjectives are descriptive words, which in turn are mere abstractions. It's more likely your basket, if it must hold abstractions, will hold algebra and algorithms before it will hold deplorables, or defensibles, or any sort of delineables.

There is no basket of deplorables because deplorables are not plural, for one thing. They are not tangible, for another. People, for that matter, while nouns, are not objects, so therefore it's inappropriate - not to mention borderline insane - to first sort and then place them inside of baskets, with the possible exception of those tied to helium balloons. Hillary's brain reminds me of this sort of balloon, and could perhaps stand to be refreshed via a long trip around the world in one.

I had the same fucking problem with Sarah Palin: if you're going to speak - at all, but this gets pretty important once you're running for President - then at least use a somewhat likely form of English to describe what it is you're on about. Failing that, at least use a form of English that doesn't make me reflexively cover my ears as though you've just run chalk across the proverbial board.