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I promised Ray the last time we talked about the election - maybe two weeks ago - that if Romney won I would kill myself. And I am a woman of my word, so had he won I would have had little choice, because like the Japanese I can't comfortably lose face. Not even doable. So I had the spot picked out and actually planned to spend my morning getting it over with.

So all the Republicans reading this will be sooooo glad to hear, I'm sure, that save any life-removing circumstances not within my own control, I will be alive to vote against the next candidate you offer us for the presidency. And it had better not be Romney because I think we all know how that will turn out. You have got to be kidding.

I've felt a strong, if low-level, terror for months now that Romney would win. Thanks to jury-rigging the voting populace and perhaps the machines, he almost got it, but his polling numbers failed him right up to the end, which means even making machines count backwards and keeping as many of the blacks and poor home as possible didn't work, simply because his campaign sucks at predicting things.

Had Romney won, the problem was I don't think I would've wanted to live. Not to see all the programs that help the poor severely cut or done away with as they become hungrier, poorer and more homeless en masse.

Nor to see the day Medicare and Social Security become voucher programs.

Nor the rich paying even less in taxes than they do now with the rest of us still paying the same or more and no more jobs than usual becoming available as a result.

Nor regulations that barely keep American food and jobs safe reduced to nothing because Big Business = God Almighty (because the only religion Republicans really have is worshiping other people's money).

Nor the day women lose their rights altogether, including the right to vote, because some white male Repukes said so.

Just stuff like that, you know?

God help us if we ever do get a Republican in office; it will be hell on wheels for anyone who isn't a rabidly bigoted, uber-judgmental worshiper of the almighty buckaroo. And for women in general.