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Second. After coming in third in Iowa. For him, these are better-than-usual finishes. Our favorite candidate who we know will never win, but who can divide the ticket as neatly as Nader or Perot ever did, seems to almost have a chance. Not that I want him for president; I don't (my usual ability to reach across the aisle, which caused me to rather happily endure both W. and Reagan, has evaporated with this bunch - except for Gingrich, whom I have weird soft spot for). I did want Paul in office a few years ago, but I've read and listened to too much since then to continue to believe he's 1) serious presidential material or 2) anywhere near liberal enough - and my liberal streak just will not quit. But...I love the guy despite all that. He's got tons of spunk and so many good ideas I can't count them up on both hands.

People should listen to him - and take notes - even if they don't elect him; he's not one to parade around like a peacock wasting everyone's time (and I'm lookin' at you guys, Romney/Huntsman/Santorum: put up something of substance or just go away already). I wish Ron Paul the best...if he makes vice prez maybe he can finally convince Congress to bust up the Federal Reserve and return us to a gold-backed, non-fiat financial system...I'd enjoy seeing that, honestly.

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Would Ron Paul win? My Mom asked me this question tonight. I think Mom would leap across rooftops holding "Vote for Ron Paul" signs in both hands from now until November if it would get him elected. Too bad that like almost everyone else I know she doesn't use the Internet - she'd be an invaluable asset to Ron Paul's campaign if she did.

She wants to know if a write-in vote could put him into office because like she's said many times before: "No one wants to vote for Obama or McCain". I agree: if people were given a better choice than they had this election year, no one would vote for Obama or McCain, would they?

Obama's no magnetic personality like Clinton and Kennedy were before him, nor is he an avid peacemaker like Carter was. McCain is not only no Reagan, he's a hothead who's apt to push the Red Button one day and get us all blown to radioactive bits. I hear it takes almost nothing to set him off. In fact, if McCain gets elected, get religion. Get it fast, 'cause we're all gonna die.

This year I will vote for Ron Paul and so will Mom. That makes two of us. He's the best presidential candidate I've ever seen: he exhibits character, intelligence, integrity, and a can-do spirit. I like his ideas to restore our nation to a set of laws that more closely follows the Constitution, to restore value to our currency, and to stop butting our collective nose into places like Iraq where we don't belong.

So if everyone wrote in for Ron Paul, would Ron Paul win?