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Ahem. Bad news for anti-Googlers (including, of course, yours truly). I've been annoyed for weeks now by Scroogle's inability to scrape because of Google's pernicious blocking of Scroogle (whoops, it just keeps trippin' our anti-spammy thingys, it's not on purpose you losers) and now Daniel Brandt's brilliant creation, which through a search box add-on I was able to use every three minutes or so, is gone, supposedly because of Anonymous-style DDoSing, but more likely because of Google's own employees. Hell, I think even I'd know how to DDoS if I put my mind to it, and it certainly doesn't take a genius to overload six over-utilized, under-powered servers. Something as simplistic as "Reload every" on enough Linux boxes probably'd do the trick. I wonder if Mr. Brandt bothered studying the logs before taking his sites down, and what, if anything, proved illuminating in details such as IPs and the like.

No, I'm not floating a conspiracy theory or anything. Google is a conspiracy theory, like some sort of all-encompassing thousand-tentacled nightmare no one ever wakes up from anymore. These days, the more outrageous the theory, the more likely it is you can apply it to whatever the hell Google's doing now.

Update: Encyclopedia Dramatica offers something useful on this story? No way!

Yes, way. And Mr. Brandt did check his logs! But he's tying what he saw in them to ED editors and admins holding a grudge, which I think is a bit narrow of an assumption, but who am I to second guess? Just someone with possibly a little more objectivity... Enlightenment, maybe - apparently in Mr. Brandt's own words.