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How long before some enterprising soul modifies it to boot with and/or work on Windows? I'm taking bets/names/numbers/you name it. Assuming it's possible (and, uh, it is, though I'd like to see the downloadable version easier to install than all that) I cannot wait to grab a copy myself.

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OK. This is awesome. I'm on a computer that doesn't have my music on it, and with over 1,100 songs on my iPhoto it's a bitch to manually copy and paste every single one of them, then spend hours (or days?) trying to rename them so that iTune's strange way of naming songs ("ADTL.mp3", anyone?) doesn't render my music collection useless.

iDump, you dump, we dump...

I tried importing those strangely named files directly into iTunes on another computer kicking around here yesterday, but my results were oddly mixed - some of the song's original names and metadata were restored but many weren't.

This thing - the perhaps unfortunately named iDump - solves the problem - and runs completely unattended, if you like.

iDump imported my entire music library while I wrote the first few lines of this post, so here's the deal: It's fast, it's free, it's good-looking, it's dead simple to use, it allows you to choose your destination my estimation, it's completely flawless. If I gave awards for amazing software this would get the equivalent of an Emmy. Thank you, iDump creator(s), for bringing me iJoy.