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Admittedly, with the distractions that work, daily life, and moving to a new place twice in the past four months have caused me, I have not kept up as well as I should have with the downloading of updates for old software that I enjoy using. So when I read today about new security vulnerabilities in Foxit, my favorite software for viewing PDFs, I immediately went to the developer's website to download the patch, which in reality meant downloading an executable to re-install the entire program.

Then I noticed the version number (3.0) and realized that I was a few versions behind...7, to be exact. I haven't installed Foxit from scratch since version 2.3 was still around...oh well - so I should install the new version and be quiet, right?

*pfffft* I wish. The new version of it makes AOL's older software, with it's tons of "optional" add-ons, plugins, and third-party components, look....about the same. In four years of blogging no one has ever heard me say that about any popular software besides AOL...except for Real Player and ICQ, which I still talk trash about all the time.

Welcome to the club, Foxit: you have officially joined the ranks of Software Suckage.

Using the Custom Install option, I was able to deduce a number of unpleasant things about the new Foxit Reader:

Proof of Suckage, Items #1-#4

  1. It wants to add a desktop shortcut, an icon for the Start menu, another icon for the Quick Launch Bar, it wants to install a Firefox plugin...and it wants to install all of it "for all users". Hmmmm...I don't think so.
  2. It wants to install the toolbar. In exchange for that you get "free" use of tools previously unavailable-to-free-users such as the "Typewriter Tools", the "Text Viewer" and the "Text Converter". Ooooooh and aaaaahhh. But I hate toolbars. Toolbars = spyware. All they ever do is "call home" and steal your screen's real estate with more and more ugly, busy-looking chrome.
  3. Wait! The installer is not done! In the next screen it wants to reset your search page to and it wants to make the "Foxit Home Page", whatever the hell that is, your home page, buddy. This thing is getting scary - like an octopus with too many tentacles - or a software developer with too many "friends".
  4. But WAIT! There's more! This parasitical, multi-tentacled virus-like replicator of what was once a nice, quick program with a neat little browser plugin also wants to "eBay click creator". You have GOT to be fucking kidding me.

So, what exactly are the Foxit guys smoking? "Greedirettes?" Foxit survived for years without dubious partnerships. They're making AOL's newer software look good with all this add-on/plugin/toolbar junk and that's saying a lot - coming from me.