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$20k of $100k has been raised but there's still 45 days left (and with tax season already upon us, chances are the timing could not be better to reach their goal).

But of all the contributor perks listed on that page the t-shirt saying, "No, I will not fix your computer!" alongside the jv16 logo has got to be the most hair-raising...I mean, I'm all for 'just fucking google it' being an answer to most computer and/or software problems (it's exactly what people who fix computers often do themselves: they fucking google it or else someone they're in a relationship with - like me - will constantly politely remind them 16 times a day to please do exactly that and stop asking me questions I don't know how to answer) but to come right out and say (even via t-shirt), "No, I will not fix your computer!" is the barely unspoken equivalent of telling someone who knows you know more than they do to fucking google it or else fucking use jv16 PT or else just fucking fuck off and die already.

I guess there's a razor-thin line between what you might be thinking when someone the umpteenth freaking person in just one day asks for your computer help and what you should actually say and crossing it is still rude, no matter what the context or how many people get the little in-joke you think you're in on - go you, you incredible brainy geek, you - you're not funny, but thanks anyway.

Does that make sense? Because I'm tired and it's getting late and I can't put it any better than that.