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While I don't really believe I've had only one visitor (from China) since Aug. 28th, I figured I'd switch IPs today and check again to make sure GoStats has not been counting since that date. These days I'm usually on a secure, static IP that's kept blocked in my stats, so I just switched to an unsecure signal in the area, loaded like half a dozen pages, refreshed my GoStats page, and nada, nothing showed up. Which means I have no idea how many people from where on what pages for how long have been visiting for weeks now. So I've just been assuming zero.

Since this happened to me before and GoStats only answer to it was to delete my counter and start another one, I guess I'll estimate my missing stats, add them to my last known stats and transfer the whole mess over to a new GoStats counter. Because I cannot stand Sitemeter, StatCounter doesn't really work that well on LJ-code-based blogs (don't ask me why, but it's true) and GoStats gives more info with the HTML-only code block than any other stat counter besides Sitemeter. And lets me keep the stats private without paying something extra for that or showing the stats logo on my blog in exchange for it, or whatever.

The last time I checked, this blog was getting double the amount of visits my other one was getting. I don't know why. It used to be the other way around until about six months ago. Then they ran neck-and-neck for a while, then boom, this one took off. Sort of. I estimate it's still getting under 200 unique visits a week.

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Grrrrrrr. I don't know why I put up with this. GoStats stopped counting visits - again - on August 28th. Today is (very much) Sept. 4th. So I googled "gostats stopped counting" and guess what popped up? None other than the blog of Yours Truly, second result. I had forgotten about that. So I clicked through, read my post and went, "Oh, that's right: GoStats sucks". Then I read the part at the end where I said, more or less, "...if I only had my own website..." but damn it, it's however many years later and I don't want my own website. I had one at last summer and it was such a timesucking PITA that I deleted it. And I would fucking delete it again. Just thinking about it makes me grind my teeth.

You know what I want? I want my own FTP/file hosting site. I want it to 1) host my favicons, 2) host my userscripts, 3) host my stat counter, 4) host every pic and screen cap I've ever posted to the Internet, and to 4) host all of my files (music/add-ons/Windows installers/.isos/whatever). I want all back-end functionality with no front-end at all. And I want GoStats to change their name to GoCrap. That's about all their servers are doing - just taking one huge dump on my blog.

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GoStats has burned me for possibly the last time. While I try to be patient (despite what my blog posts suggest to the contrary) with every company that I deal with, since I know that they're run by people just like me, my patience only extends so far.

GoStats stopped counting visits to Anti-AOL on September 9th. That was six days ago, and I still have no stats.

This failure on GoStats' part to count my stats comes at a particularly bad time since I began updating Anti-AOL for the first time in three months last week, mostly to tell everyone to quit bugging me [that post was eventually deleted for reasons unrelated to that topic]. That was nice of me, wasn't it?

Without a counter I have no idea if anyone saw my new posts besides Laura Peterson. She left a comment or I'd never have known.

Also, while unimpressive, Anti-AOL is less than ~900 < 300 visits away from reaching 200,000 unique visitors. Now I have to guesstimate that sometime this week the milestone will pass, and not knowing exactly who will arrive for it and when bugs me. The inaccuracy of it bugs me.

GoStats tried to work with me on this a little, but only once I contacted them using the Support page. There is no general announcement on their website saying anything is wrong. There is no GoStats Blog updated by the owner or Support Staff to keep us up-to-date on any issues they're having. There is nothing on any of the major websites about it that I can find in the search engines.

Perhaps it was happening to me and me alone?

'...fixed very soon'? And a Pro account.

Once I used the Support Page I got an answer very quickly saying that the server that host my stats had a "processing delay" and that the problem would be fixed "very soon".

One week later I'm still waiting.

Is that the part above that you called "working with you, MM?" you're probably asking me through Internet Telepathy™ (that's right, I trademarked it). No, of course not.

In addition to telling me about the slow server, GoStats also told me I could create a new temp account for Anti-AOL and the stats for it would propagate instantly (only for the new time period, of course) because the counter would be calling home to another, faster server. So I went ahead and did that.

Try another server.

The GoStats admin I was messaging with also gave me a pro account free of charge for six months (a $44 value!). That was at my request, but I was surprised he honored it.

About 24 hours later the server for my temp stats also took a crap, leaving me once again with no stats.

I left a message about it on the Support page tonight but many hours later I still haven't received an answer. Chances are the admins and Support Staff are overwhelmed with "slow servers" multiplying all over the place. I understand. But I don't have any more patience for it.

I already gave up one week in good faith, convinced this was a reliable stats host that would fix the problem "very soon". I took them at their word.

So tonight I went back to Sitemeter.

My timing for returning to Sitemeter's fold is perfect: their new stats pages, based on some ugly charts-and-graphs stuff using Flash, has already been tried and rejected by millions, so now they've gone back to the old style that everyone liked much better. Everyone who didn't cancel their Sitemeter account in the last week over the Flash-based redesign is happy again now...including me.

Update 9-14, 11:55PM: I logged into GS tonight to see if they ever answered my message (they didn't) and while I was there checked my (non-existent) stats and lo and behold, the temp counter that I forgot I left on Anti-AOL (it's invisible) is not only working, but counting at least twice as many visits as Sitemeter is for the same 24 hour period. So I'm going to put the GoStats counters back up and leave the Sitemeter ones in place for a while just to compare.

Third-party statistic tracking is the worst part of not hosting blogs myself. On my own server all it would take is a simple line or two of Javascript that I could write myself - then I wouldn't have to pay anyone a dime for stats or deal with crappy servers or a counter's inability to count. I know, I know...'Do I want little whine with my cheese?'