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If I ran an "Adventures In Shopping" series (I don't, but it really is a shame I don't) this would definitely make the cut. To save money on Amazon, smart shoppers are supposed to watch for price drops on I don't do it because there isn't enough I need to buy online to get me watching for falling prices on Amazon like I watch for bouncy, bright yellow, smiling ROLLBACK faces at Walmart, which are constantly hitting me in the head as I stroll down their aisles each week. But it's such a cheerful way to save money and make money by suing Walmart for pain and injury, all at once.

So I opened the tab for tonight as it was in a folder for partially unread bookmarks from last week's online browsing session. As a good shopper I figured I'd check the front page real quick just in case but nothing grabbed me until I realized boy, could I save myself a bundle right now if I just happened to be in the market for Gorilla Tape.

I could save $131,069.03 a roll, to be precise.

Cost of Gorilla Tape on Amazon before a small price change

So. When exactly did Gorilla tape start costing so much? And what exactly is I can't imagine spending as much on one roll as you might on your next house but hey, I guess it must come in pretty damn handy to command such a steep price.

(Which reminds me of my mom's motto: "I can fix anything - just give me a can of WD40 and some duct tape". Fortunately, neither accoutrement will run you anywhere near a hundred grand. Gorilla Tape, on the other hand...)