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I love taking surveys, but most people don't. So while I was taking Digg's latest survey I fired up my screen capture to give everyone else a look at Digg's (tentative) upcoming list of features because I'm excited about them, and because when the survey asked me if I think Digg is "democratic", I checked "No" and I hope they seriously take that into account. I can't do now on Digg what I did in 2006 (get hugely Dugg overnight as a first-time user/submitter), and until I can Digg can blow me. Anyway, on with the screen shot/list of new features:

Click to expand shot.

Screen shot of Digg's upcoming features - click to expand

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List of Digg's (tentative) new features...

  1. Customized Digg: Home page is based on what you read and Digg.
  2. Anonymous Digg: Digg (vote on) stories without signing in.
  3. Digg Verticals: Get alerts on topics of interest by email.
  4. Digg Groups: Get together on Digg to share what you like.
  5. Digg Breaking News: Digg sorts what's hot, fresh, and "new" for you.
  6. Save to Read Later: Title says it all. Digg will finally function as a bookmarking service.

I joined Digg in early 2006 to promote this story and I loved it. I still think it's a great service but comments need to stop being voted up/down since the mob rules and the mob is usually wrong and often unfunny, new submitters should be able to break in as easily as I did, without having to be friends with anyone, and regulars should have a better crack at getting on the front page of Digg more often. It's a well-known fact that Digg takes too much editorial control. The survey addresses none of that. At the very least, Digg needs to implement every idea in the survey, which was why I "voted" for all of them.