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So I had a $10 off coupon code for eBay and decided to use it maybe two nights ago to buy a few gifts for someone. My total came to not even $20. I'm on Bill Me Later on eBay/Paypal (or at least, I was when I bought my laptop, which was the last thing I bought from them this year, perhaps back in February).

My eBay is tied to my BoA, which had just $3 in it, but I hadn't thought about that before I bought these things. Once it did hit me - a few minutes later - I figured it didn't matter because with Bill Me Later I should have a few weeks to either get money in my BoA account or else switch my payment method to my other bank, which gets direct deposit from my job (the BoA mostly just collects small amounts of work-online money).

In the meantime, I needed the $3 I had in my BoA to repay on a loan I've been working off since the spring, so I was waiting for the transfer I started the night before I bought this stuff to complete, but it never did, so I'm like, OK, wtf.

Fast forward to today...I'm checking email on my lunch hour when I learned PayPal took the $3 out of my BoA after it transferred from PayPal to my bank but before I ever saw it, to pay $3 on one of the items I bought on eBay. Then my bank slapped me with a $35 insufficient funds fee on both items, so now I'm out something like $85 for stuff I bought using Bill Me Later. Instead, they billed me right now.

I'm not sure who to be pissed at because I don't have time to call either company or the bank to figure out what went wrong or get it fixed until sometime mid-next week. As far as I can tell, it's not my bank's fault, they're just bleeding me dry like banks will do (though why they charged me two overdraft fees on one eBay order is beyond me; maybe because I bought items from two different sellers?). I'm also not sure whether to blame PayPal or eBay for the fact that Bill Me Later billed me right now. I read all the fine print on the coupon code that I could find, so I'm hoping it can't be that using the coupon code prohibits using Bill Me Later, but I guess that's also a possibility.

A weird thing that happened before I got killed by my bank was when I put the first item in my eBay cart, I got a yellow triangle next to the cart and an in-page dialog box saying my account was suspended. I really didn't think much of it because it's not suspended (but when I saw the dialog box I checked my messages, profile and other info just to make sure) then I figured the site must be having a coding burp of some sort, so I put the second item in my cart, and on the next page the yellow triangle was gone with a green checkmark in its place and I was able to place the order without further issue.

Telling someone else about this tonight, they suggested that even if the account suspension was a coding burp of some sort, that between the page I was suspended on and the next one maybe Bill Me Later got lost in some sort of behind-the-scenes account restoration? I don't know, and like I said, I can't find out, because for the next four days I have to be either asleep or at work during most of the hours one could normally call any of these entities.

I actually lost almost all the money I made today on Christmas gifts that should have only cost me a fraction of what they did.