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I began writing for them about a month ago. My first article was a masterpiece of SEO goodness that hit slot #1 in Google results for its keywords on its third day in publication. It has remained in slot #1 ever since, even though they deleted it a week ago. Why? It's not "in the how-to format". The hell with eHow.

I rewrote the article about three weeks ago after an online acquaintance warned me eHow would delete it for not being in the how-to format. I told her, "You can't put this in the how-to format - it's about which add-ons are best for doing certain things in Firefox." But after that I did try to, you know, get it more in the how-to format. And I thought I succeeded. They deleted it anyway, even though it was making me money, and was well-received by readers.

It's like eHow wants to cut its own financial throat. All of its articles are covered in ads, which is how they make their money and give us our pay-outs, and my article was no exception: it was totally covered and smothered in ads. I think online ads are hideous, but I use AdBlockPlus with Firefox, so I don't care if there are ads as long as I can't see them on my own published content.

Coincidentally, my article did touch on using AdBlockPlus to block ads....hmmmm, wonder if that offended them?

Those ads were making money for both me and eHow, so why can't they loosen up and realize their format requirements are ridiculous? They hinder creativity and subject matter, decrease ad views, increase costs, and generally make the site a lot less informative than it could be.

Maybe I should write for if I'm going to write how-tos - their format seems a lot looser, which is what I need, being the highly creative and independence-craving person that I am - I can't stand editors, I don't like rules, and I really can't stand - formats.

Oh, and I've had a huge headache for the last six hours. I'm not taking anything for it because supposedly treating pain is "bad" and just makes a rebound headache more likely, according to the latest research, so there's no doubt my suffering is just making me even crabbier than I would be otherwise over eHow's bullshit.

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It's one thing to keep banging your head against a wall in order to get something done. It's another to decide you can't keep banging it against a wall or you'll crack it open.

So it is with the website I'm writing for now. They give you a publishing platform with all the tools you need to publish a web post - but half the tools don't allow you to publish anything like that at all.

It's supposed to be WYSIWYG but the end result is little more than archaic check lists I could compose with my writing arm tied behind my back and a can of spray paint, graffiti style (I always did want to do graffiti, and I always harbored jealousy against anyone who would be a novel way to get my writing 'out there')...

Wait, damn it! I don't mean the WYSIWYG editor fucks up, I don't mean it craps out, and I don't mean it's there one minute and gone the next - I mean half of it doesn't work. At all.

So excuse me while I vocalize how frustrated this makes me feel after five days of pure bullshit owing to a 50% functional platform attended to in absentia by selectively deaf site admins who don't listen to hundreds of complaints from obviously lowly and unpaid-due-to-technical-issues-that-are-ruining-us writers:


OK...*deep breath*. My head will perhaps remain uncracked against their wall of stubborn, silent obstinance for yet another day. I don't guarantee it won't implode, though.

Question of the day...

Does anyone have the recipe for Chef Ramsay's green risotto? Would you be so kind as to share it with me? The stuff looks like puke on a plate but a family member is jonesing for it every Tuesday night after Hell's Kitchen is on (even puke on a plate has it's enthusiasts, I suppose) so I guess it's time to hunt it down.


I don't have any! It's been a week since I was banned from anything (a summertime record) and the entire Net is like zzzzzzzz - nothing too dramatic since Michael Jackson died (and wasn't I right when I told my mom, "Wait! He can't die! He's too young?" Yes, I was. Thank you.).

I'm one of those people who actually waits for shit to go wrong so I can gauge whether or not the situation will allow me to feel needed again - does that make me a rotten person (good, and so what)? And I've come to yet another conclusion:

I have less desire to write if I'm not angry. But I'm never angry - at least not anymore. Double-zzzzz. Not being angry might be good for oh, I don't know, my blood pressure? My sleep? But you know what? You do know what; you know what I'm about to say before I even say it.

Not being angry sucks!

I like being angry. Not all the time, and certainly not about everything - I want to live past the age of 50, after all: but I like having a pet cause. I'm happier if I'm angry when I write. I'm more focused, energized, engaged, and committed to what I'm writing about. Does that make me weird (once again: good, and so what?)

Which puts me over a barrel with my feet facing forward, or something like that. I tried getting angry at my entire flist last week but unfortunately that didn't work (please God - don't tell me I'm running out of rants - it's the emotional equivalent of running out of life - triple-zzzz).

Wake me up when you know something will piss me off - please.