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Damn these people. Who are they? How can they claim that RockMelt, their new "social networking" browser, is the first browser you log into? I mean, what does this look like? Have they been living under a Rock the last 20 years designing their Melt? That's what it would take for dozens of people who design a browser to not know that you freaking log into, hello!, AOL, for Christ's sake. What a claim to fame. And mine is the first blog on the Interwebs that you actually read. Aren't I inventive to come up with this concept of reading (as opposed to simply staring at) my blog? The whole damn browser should be an add-on, anyway; there's no need to mutate Chrome into the right fist of Mark Zuckerberg using a Facebook log-in when a few add-ons would do the same thing and preserve your privacy so your browser doesn't store and know every damn thing about you. Firefox add-on devs will pull it off before RockMelt even gets its feet wet. Just you wait and see (edit, one day later: done! And people wonder why I love Firefox?).