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ETA: Corrections made thanks to [personal profile] darkoshi for being awake when I wasn't

(for [personal profile] darkoshi and everyone else who'd rather not log in to view profiles or search results - myself included)

Instagram: and Looktagram

Limitations doesn't have all profiles cached. Searching is more likely to return an overview of all pages containing your search query than to point you to an official profile (if an official profile is what you're after).

Looktagram, despite advertising itself as "@user and #tag search", has no search functionality. You'll have to use it the old-fashioned way by appending your search terms to the URL. Example:

Using Google with either site might be a still better way to get what you're after. Examples: [ "mariah carey"], [ "mariah carey"]

To view individual pages linked to from other websites (especially on Pinterest, which is not covered here) you'll still probably need to disable JavaScript or install a script to avoid logging in. [personal profile] darkoshi explains.