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Earlier today Sophos mentioned a phishing attack site was tricking Twitter users with a "This you????" tweet that links to a fake Twitter login page. Now it's a fake AOL/Bebo login page. The site running these phishing attempts is, which is automatically blocked for Firefox users, but IE, Opera, and Chrome users can (unfortunately) access it just fine. Screen shot of me accessing it: now impersonating AOL - click to expand shot

Ugh...I hate this sort of web trickery.

Interesting....first it's a Twitter login page, then an AOL/Bebo sign-in page, now it's MySpace, complete with Miley posing.

I'm starting to wonder if he/she/they use a script to rotate all the name-brand websites that show up on Should I take bets on what will appear next: the Google sign-in page? Facebook? Live? now hosting MySpace - click to expand shot

Whoever is doing this runs the site from China to trick US users into giving up valuable information. Since it's run from China, there's no stopping it unless China cracks down on them, and I think the Chinese government actually sponsors hackers, so there's little chance of that. If he starts mirroring my LiveJournal, let me know.