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Between that and this my blogs have almost no pictures or videos on them at all.

OK...May I present you with...Frankenmodem!

If I had any brains I would have snapped a picture of it: the cover is off, the back is off and the circuit-board is completely exposed, but now that all of the outer-casing is gone, by golly, it works. Why it didn't work with the casing on is one of those modern mysteries I'll probably never solve, but hey, at least stripping the casing off has saved us $80.

We have two computers...

We actually have over 10 but most of them are for parts and "experiments" since they don't work, or they don't work that well, and the funny thing is, the Internet on my computer was kicking out on every other page except Photobucket, which didn't load at all. So sometimes I could Google, but sometimes I couldn't and sometimes LJ would load, and sometimes not.

By the time I closed Firefox I had 30 tabs open and out of them 15 never loaded. Meanwhile the other computer across the house (directly connected to the Internet, while mine connects through LAN) was loading every website that wouldn't load on mine like a champion. Today we had no Internet at all.

Taking the modem apart and just jiggling everything seemed to fix the problem.

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So I got email from Photobucket this morning saying, "Look, sucker, why don't you just pay us $25 a year and we'll stop plastering ads all over your pictures?" I hate having my arm twisted. Fuckers.

Just as I was about to start a new blog with the working title of "Anti-Photobucket" I scrolled down aimlessly, trying to come up with a working subtitle, like "Ads on our images SUCK".

As my eyes adjusted to the footer text, which was very small, they almost popped right out of my head: turns out I could have a free Pro account if I would just upload a photo into the corporate sponsor McDonald's account.

Want to get a free three month subscription to Pro?

Experience all the great features that Photobucket Pro has to offer --for free! Get a complimentary three month subscription by uploading a picture into this group album.

You are just one upload away from your free pro subscription. Upload here.


I had to go back a few years to find a photo I've already put on the Web (to protect my privacy I always choose photos that are already out there and/or at least a year out of date - my bullshit about not having more recent photos is pretty much just that) but I found another one and sent it to McDonald's.

Now I have two free Pro accounts, one for this blog, one for the other one.

Three months of free Pro service will end on Dec. 16th, but no, I won't buy myself Pro accounts for Christmas (unless I hit Lotto or marry someone rich), nor will I ask anyone else to (in case no one noticed, I have receipt of virtual gifts disabled on both blogs, and no Paypal link exists for me on the Net that anyone can find).

This gives me three more months to figure out what to do with hundreds of photos that will have ads plastered all over them again if I don't do something.

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Photobucket is hovering huge ads over my inline images when you click through to see bigger versions - both when you first click through, and after you click through and try to expand the shot a second time (which takes you to the direct link). Uggghhh. Uggghhh. I hate ads. I hate huge ads even more. That means this is happening on Anti-AOL, too...ugggghhh. Ugggghh. I know this journal has had ads all over it (forgot to renew it again), but I'm going to rectify that soon...the pictures are going to be a much bigger pain to do something about because that means switching where they're stored...I'm thinking of moving them to LiveJournal, since they couldn't possibly show ads on the pictures even if both accounts went free (could they?), but that will take time. Photobucket can just blow me. I don't see LiveJournal covering my posts in huge ads - do you? Damn.

P.S. I use Firefox with AdBlock Plus most of the time, so I don't see ads, not even when there are ads all over the place, but I wanted to see how my new hand-rolled layout