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...because I did, to endlessly fascinating result.

I finally had to stop reading only because I was laughing so hard tears were rolling down my face and I was afraid of waking up the sleeping person. It's almost torture - it's that much fun to imagine this all being written for just one game. The most amazing game where it not only all happens at once but all goes wrong at once. How great would that be?

Not to mention some of the changes made are so hilarious that even taking away the "all in one game" context I approached it with at first (and by the time I knew any better I was almost dead from laughing) the page is pretty funny - a truly stunning compilation of changelogs and patches made by game authors everywhere.

The other funny thing was thinking, "This is what happens when you let Bill Gates sell PCs". He's the world's most glaring example of how not to let your coders code but heck, he got away with it and became a billionaire so obviously writing your code straight to start with is not what will make you rich so just write some code. If it worked for Bill it can work for you, too.

Windows has been updated so many times that almost no one thinks anything of publishing buggy code anymore (including the jaw-droppingly incompetent author of Ch-Ch-Ch-Changelog From Hell - yes, thanks, Bill!).