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Because *repeatedly spits drink out while reading over list* holy shit, I'd get more traffic over their inaccuracies than I'd ever get for my own (so maybe there's an upside, if negative attention is better than no attention at all). Not to mention if I got anything like Vox's traffic I might have a thing or two 46 things to correct myself. Though I'd hope not. I mean, I do make at least a glancing effort at fact-checking before publishing this thing.

Just check some of this out (all emphasis my own, as well as any notes in [brackets]):

7. Original Headline: "Get Me Off Your Fucking Mailing List" is an actual published science paper

Corrected Headline: "Get Me Off Your Fucking Mailing List" is an actual science paper accepted by a journal

Correction: This article previously said the article was published by the journal. It was only accepted, because the author didn't want to pay $150.

8. Original Headline: 95 percent of Israelis support the Gaza war

Corrected Headline: 95 percent of Jewish Israelis [<--because, duh] support the Gaza war

Correction: This post initially did not note that the survey was only of Jewish Israelis, rather than all Israelis. The text has been corrected.

9. Headline: Ignore age—define generations by the tech they use

Correction: This post originally gave incorrect dates for the introduction of radio and television technology and the invention of the cell phone [facepalms *forever*]. It also mis-labeled the web as the internet [because *facepalm*]. We regret these errors [yeah, so do I].

OMG folks, just OMG...the only thing I can say is at least Vox issues corrections. So many websites simply do not and will not do any such thing.