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After discovering Wonkette in the editorial aftermath of the first presidential debate I found a post by the editor and owner, Rebecca Schoenkopf, called Let’s All Apply For This Trump-Fluffing Job At! Nah - as I later told Ms. Schoenkopf by email, let's all apply for this Trump-fluffing fanfic job, instead. Srsly.

The first mention of this ad was made on June 29th by [ profile] mickeym: the things you find on Craigslist which I found via [personal profile] darkoshi: paid-for deception and manipulation. I archived the link to the original Louiseville Craigslist ad, as major media was not picking it up and I wanted to keep an archive in case they ever did. Unfortunately, by the time they did - the first major media word on it didn't break until Wonkette covered it, last week - the ad had been edited to remove the part about "fan fiction writing" to make it sound like a MOAR S'RS JOB, yo.

Part of original Craigslist ad (emphasis and bracketed words are mine):

Your job duties will be to create Conservative Fan Fiction articles. These stories are not real, but very well could be. You will write them in such a way that they seem factually correct but are hard to verify.


Part of latest Indeed ad as featured on Wonkette:

Additionally, you MUST identify as a Conservative. The more Conservative that you consider yourself, the better. This will make it much easier for you to develop strong articles. We LOVE Trump and are absolutely disgusted with the level of corruption shown by the Democratic Party in the last few months.

Apparently Drumpf has swung from telling people to make shit up to telling them to sway conservatives. Implied: they'll still make shit up. Said outright: now it must appeal to conservatives - not just fanfic devotees.

I think the first ad was the best, because Trump's camp has no truth so must write fanfic to win anyone over. I wish Wonkette's owner had found it back in June and started keeping tabs on it then. The only good part is the pay's gone up $5 a con job puff piece.