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...the world's blackest black, when I can point my ColorZilla at any part of it, from top to bottom, and get hex codes like #0E0E0E, #0A0C0B, #1D1C1A, but not even one hint of straight #000 (the blackest black, as currently defined by hex codes)? The fucking fuck?

If the article wasn't dated something beside April 1st I'd swear it was a case of the yearly joke striking again.

Just to be sure, I checked Google Images and nope, not a hint of #000 to be found, no matter which website's image I peruse. Which means a) the websites sharing this image also shared the likely Photoshop it underwent (what's up with all the nicks and scratches, anyhow?), b) it's not really the world's blackest anything, or c) both a) and b) are true. I'm going with c), for the record.